Stellar Lumens News Today – Headlines for August 28

  • Stellar Lumen’s fifth SCF (Stellar Community Fund) ended with a surprise
  • The event broke multiple records
  • The initiative allows community members to vote for projects for rewards in XLM

Stellar Lumens News Today – The fifth Stellar community fund came to a surprising end with many unexpected events happening since SDF was first launched. It broke many records and surpassed existing records too. The community fund allows the community members to vote transparently for projects so that they can get rewards in XLM.

The winners of the fifth round include Lettuce, Stellarmint, The Interstellar Platform, Stellar Update, Free Voting Platform, OpenSolar, Xlet, Rigel, and Cosmic vote. Lettuce had about 18% of the price pool having racked up 545,454 XLM at the number one spot. Rigel held 4.35% of the price pool having racked up 130,434 XLM in the last place. This round of voting broke records for the number of votes cast and the number of disqualified votes.

The Final Round of Voting Had 4,058 Disqualified Votes

The final round of voting had over 4,137 votes. No less than 4,058 votes were disqualified. The disqualified votes came from duplicate IPs, the new accounts since voting rounds started, and zero proofs. The Trybal.The network was disqualified because a large number of the disqualified votes came from the project. Per the report, Tyler van der Hoeven, who serves as the Ecosystem Evangelist at, said:

As we start our review, it became clear that a large number of disqualifications had one thing in common in their queue which is the Trybal.Network. IP dups, zero proofs, and new accounts were all painting a pretty picture. After started diving deeply into hundreds of Github, Twitter, and Reddit proofs, we found strong evidence of the above.

In the end, it was concluded that bounty hunters brought in the disqualified votes.

SDF Wants Nothing to do With the Bounty Hunters

From the previous events and the abrupt end of the Keybase airdrop due to spammers on Stellar’s network, it became obvious that the Stellar Development Fund has learned from the past. They want nothing to do with bounty hunters. The SDF provided 2 million XLM for the Keybase airdrop funding. However, the event came to an end in the second month because of a large number of spam registrations from bounty hunters (which became too much for the system). The airdrop was designed to last for six months.

The Trybal.The network appears to be the ideal home for bounty hunters because it was created to issue token rewards to everyone. The next action for the Trybal.The network may be re-thought if the Stellar Development Fund finds them favorable.

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