Bitcoin News Today – Headlines for September 1

  • Max Keiser said Warren Buffett is getting out of the USD, and this could be bullish for Bitcoin
  • Buffett remains a Bitcoin skeptic, but many are expecting him to break soon
  • Bitcoin is greatly benefiting from the weakening USD

Bitcoin News Today – Max Keiser claims that the Sage of Omaha is getting out of the world’s reserve currency, and that is a chance for Bitcoin to hit new all-time highs. The global pandemic has left a serious impact on the world economy and the USD. The USD is getting so weak that even Warren Buffett is getting out, and this might pave the way for more BTC moves, says Max Keiser.

Warren Buffett Is Getting out of the U.S. Dollar – Max Keiser

In his recent macro forecast, Keiser warned that safe-haven assets would outperform fiat enormously. He also added that Buffett knew what was coming. In a tweet, Keiser said that the move of Buffett into Japan, along with his GOLD investment, confirms he is getting off the US dollar largely.

“USD is trending lower today, about to break key support. Bitcoin – Gold – Silver Will all make new ATH in the near term.”

He was talking about the move of Buffett into Japanese assets. According to a report by Reuters, Buffett took a five percent stake in the five largest trading houses in the country, a move that totals $6 billion. According to the publication, he said:

“The five major trading companies have many joint ventures throughout the world and are likely to have more. I hope that in the future there may be opportunities of mutual benefit.”

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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Buffett Moves to Japan after the New Policy of the Fed

This move came a few days after the Federal Reserve made known its intention to allow inflation to rise over its 2 percent target as a temporary measure against the global pandemic. This move weighed heavily on the USD. After volatility, the US dollar currency index (DXY) started declining to new depths on Monday, bouncing off the lowest level it has seen in two days.

Towards the ending of July, when those levels first emerged, the price of Bitcoin surged significantly higher and traded close to $12,500. According to recent reports, there are high expectations that further declines in the USD currency index will produce similar effects.

Will Buffett Finally Turn Bullish on Bitcoin?

Buffett is very popular for his macro moves, even though he is still a Bitcoin skeptic. A few days ago, the “Buffett Indicator” warned about an imminent stock market crash, even as equities with large market caps continue to surge higher.

Before then, the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital – Anthony Pompliano – said that Buffett would eventually buy Bitcoin after he revealed his move to gold. With the current performance of the DXY, some believe Buffett would soon have a changed perspective about Bitcoin.

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