Zilliqa News Today – Headlines for September 8

  • Zilliqa launches new batch for the ZILHive accelerator program
  • The initiative is designed to improve ASEAN’s OpFi ecosystem
  • The ZILHive Accelerator supports early stage and late startups using Zilliqa

Zilliqa News Today – the Blockchain startup Zilliqa has reportedly launched its 2020-2021 cohort of companies that will participate in the ZILHive Accelerator scheme. The ZILHive Accelerator is a Blockchain startup accelerator that will run for six months. It is designed to support both early and late-stage organizations using or contemplating the use of Zilliqa’s protocol to create Blockchain solutions.

Launched in partnership with the Tribe Accelerator (the program backed by the Singapore government); this year’s batch includes eight firms that have been selected to promote the development of Blockchain in Southeast Asia’s Open Finance sector.

The ZILHive Accelerator is Designed to Improve ASEAN’s OpFi Ecosystem

According to Zilliqa regarding ZILHive:

ZILHive was created to drive innovation and further the growth of a better OpFi ecosystem globally. This year’s project is centered on democratizing finance. The chosen projects will be trained in business modeling, fundraising, design thinking, legal, and marketing. It will improve firms looking to access Zilliqa’s network of industry partners to build apps that address business needs. The startups that have been welcomed into ZILHive in the past have worked to create use cases for businesses on Zilliqa. Many of them are thriving today.”

To improve adoption when it comes to Blockchain-backed FinTech solutions in the region, Zilliqa launched the ZILHive Open Finance consortium. This scheme consists of some of the leading FinTech and Blockchain firms in Singapore (including digital payments company Xfers Switcheo Network a decentralized exchange, and XanPool a fiat-to-crypto exchange). The goal is to push for better value in the OpFi sector.

The Scheme Supports Early-Stage and Late-Stage Firms Using Zilliqa

The program will run from August 31 through February 2021. The scheme is committed to facilitating and supporting the growth of highly talented developers. This year’s batch includes:

Propine: is a startup that offers compliant end-to-end custody and tokenization solutions in Singapore.

Notabene: is a Y-Combinator backed firm that facilitates financial entities to be more compliant with the FATF’s Travel Rule (Financial Action Task Force) for crypto transactions.

Rupiah Token: is Indonesia’s most widely-adopted rupiah-backed stablecoin. It looks to promote a more open and inclusive financial system in Indonesia.

MugglePay: this China-based startup activates cost-efficient cross-border remittances by offering an SDK (software development kit) to merchants that receive crypto payments at a fraction of the existing rates.

Moonlight: A decentralized identity self-sovereign solution based in the United States.

CommX: is an Australian and Singapore and based firm that tokenizes art into tradable assets.

Moonlet: Moonlet is a Romania-based cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store their digital assets securely, spend tokens, and manage their staking returns.

Lumiere: Lumiere is a Singapore and Hong Kong-based tokenization platform that works towards improving liquidity, accessibility, and risk mitigation in film investment.

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