Tron News Today – September 9, 2020

  • Tron’s Justin Sun gives an update on the SUN token distribution
  • The Tron chief recently announced a new distribution scheme for the Sun token
  • TRONScan has registered 21 million TRX in Tron’s DeFi sector

Tron news today – in his usual infamous character, the CEO of Tron Justin Sun has announced a new strategy for the Tron DeFi sector. Recently, the Tron chief has used the new strategy several times to build hype for all new products and protocols launched in TRON’s DeFi sector. This time around, the main goal is to highlight the different advantages of the Tron over its overpowering competitor, Ethereum. In his latest announcement, the Tron chief has informed the Tron community about a change in the plan for the SUN token distribution scheme. The media active Justin Sun gave the announcement to the Tron community via a recent tweet.

Tron TRX News Today – The Sun Token Will be Distributed Ahead of the Original Date

According to the announcement given by the Tron chief, SUN will be shared before its original planned date. It will be distributed to the Tron community earlier than anticipated. Via his post, Sun talked about the SUN token and claims it will be announced soon he revealed in a September 8 post via Twitter. According to CNF, the SUN token and platform will allow its users to perform farming. According to data posted by TRONScan, since it was launched Tron has received a whopping 21,316,997 TRX with 124,086 smart contracts and more 9.2 million user accounts. With this move, Tron will be one step closer to matching its major competitor Ethereum.

Those Who Want to Acquire the Sun Token Have to Log Into the Official Platform with Their TronLink Wallet

All cryptocurrency users who want to get the SUN token must log in to the official site with their TronLink wallet. After doing this, they can conduct yield farming by staking some of their TRX. After which they can receive their SUN tokens in a quantity that’s proportional to any amount of TRX that they have staked. Considering the state of the current period (Genesis Mining), no less than 1,860,602 SUN coins can be mined. Note that the token will come with an overall supply of 19,900,730. Hence, users who staked the token early enough will receive bigger rewards. Per the report, the Tron community welcomed the announcement about the new distribution scheme. They are now waiting for future announcements relating to more information. Meanwhile, the Tron CEO recently reported that the network has entered a partnership with the Band network. The goal of this collaboration is to incorporate oracle services into the Tron DeFi sector.

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