VeChain News Today – Headlines for September 11

  • VeChain and DNV GL launch the VeTrus protocol
  • The new solution is designed to help fight the COVID19 pandemic
  • VeTrust is a risk self-assessment app designed to improve risk management and security

VeChain News Today – in collaboration with DNV GL, VeTrust, has been designed to provide both medium and small-sized hotels in China with quick access to Blockchain-as-a-service services. This news solution is a Blockchain-based risk self-assessment app designed to improve security and injection risk management during the coronavirus and after it. VeChain announced the new app to fight the coronavirus via a new report.

VeTrust was developed in collaboration with DNV GL. It offers a Blockchain-based risk self-assessment app to improve the safety of firms and their employees. VeTrust is expected to deliver specific long-term benefits by offering in-app-app evaluation checklists, and online training materials. This will help to give hotels up-to-date solutions that address consumer concerns and meet the current regulatory standards.

VeTrust Combines DNV Gal’s My Care with Baas, and VeChain ToolChain to Access Coronavirus Risk

VeTrust helps companies by combining DNV GL’s My Care™ app with the Baas platform, and VeChain ToolChain™, to assess coronavirus risk factors. VeTrust will be made available to both medium and small-sized hotels in China. With VeTrust hotels can make unalterable and trustworthy evidence of the cleanliness or safety standards in their hotel to adequately evaluate and monitor meals or hotel housekeeping.

With VeChain’s ToolChain™ and VeTrust, companies can create a standard self-assessment checklist for managing infection risk. It combines the important aspects of DNV GL’s standards in the area of infection risk management, quality management, and safety assessment standards in a single application. Additionally, the use of Blockchain can reduce operating costs effectively and optimize the flow of processes. VeTrust also offers an entry-level application to hotels of all kinds to gain access to Blockchain-as-a-service quickly and cheaper.

The Coronavirus Has Caused Great Economic Damage Globally

According to the official figures, COVID-19 has caused a $9.44 billion loss in sales in the hotel industry in China. Subsequently, 74.29% of the hotels in the country were closed for 27 days. VeTrust was set up to help bring back confidence in the hotel industry. It gives companies the ability to assess and evaluate different processes better.

A few months ago, DNV GL launched My Care. My Care is an infection risk management model that helps firms assess and evaluate the risk of coronavirus infection better. My Care is already in use in popular hotel chains including ITC Hotels, the Convention Center, and InterContinental. Another helpful app is E-HCert. This solution was created in collaboration with I-Dante. The app operates as an automatic test that determines whether an individual carries the COVID19 virus or not at airports in Cyprus.

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