VeChain News Today – Headlines for September 13

  • VeChain to release the PoA 2.0 protocol to boost its capabilities
  • Abra lists VET on its Abra App
  • OceanEx will accept VeChain’s VET

VeChain News Today – Recently, VeChain and DNV GL jointly introduced the VeTrust solution (a Blockchain-based risk self-assessment app). VeTrust gives hotels an efficient risk self-assessment toolkit that helps to enhance safety and risk management during the coronavirus pandemic and after. By using BaaS, and the one-stop data platform VeChain ToolChain, the VeTrust solution used DNV GL’s infection risk management model.

DNV’s solution has been used to track records to help enterprises start managing COVID-19 risk factors. The solution has already been implemented in small to medium-scale hotels in China. The VeChain Foundation tweeted the below regarding the launch of VeTrust:

“With the My Care solution being adopted by high profile entities from luxury hotels or cruise liners, we are using our wealth of experience to introduce a brand new solution. VeChain and DNV GL present VeTrust. VeTrust is aimed at helping small scale businesses in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.”

Abra Adds VET to its Abra App

The VeChain Foundation has appreciated the dedication and hard work from the VeResearch team and expressed that the PoA 2.0 solution will be announced in the future. PoA 2.0 will improve the capabilities of VeChain massively. Abra helps in the buying, holding, selling, trading, and earning interest via an all-in-one straight forward, secure, and trusted application. The VeChain Foundation tweeted:

Crypto Banking app Abra has reportedly added VeChain’s VET to its trading platform. Users from 150 countries can now invest and trade the VET token via Abra’s mobile app. We are grateful for the support from AbraGlobal.”

VeChain’s VET is reportedly one of 18 new cryptocurrencies that Abra has reportedly added to the Abra App. Regarding the move, Abra stated that:

VeChain is an enterprise-based Blockchain that strives to boost supply chain management by linking Blockchain technology with real-world applications through a more comprehensive governance model, advanced IoT integration, and robust economic model.”

OceanEx will accept VeChain’s VET

On September 11, OceanEx announced that it has launched OceanEx Pay. OceanEx Pay is designed to help merchants to use OceanEx as a custody service to receive crypto payments. The VeChain Foundation Tweeted:

Congratulations to OceanEx for their OceanEx Pay launch. With his new solution, OceanEx merchants will now have the ability to integrate their plugin to receive crypto tokens including VET, VTHO, and more tokens as a payment model”

The OceanEx merchants will now be able to receive payments in different cryptocurrencies in a safer, and faster way from customers around the globe. Hence, it will be more convenient for the current OceanEx users to use the solution directly in this way. They will use their original registered OceanEx account with no need to open a new account.

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