Ethereum News Today – Headlines for September 14

UK-based Crypto Trading Platform is Launches Ethereum Futures Contracts
  • Figures from Ethereum smart contract launch reaches an all-time high
  • Smart contract launch on Ethereum is 50% higher than it was two months back
  • An average of 300 smart contracts are launched on Ethereum every day

Ethereum News Today – reports show that the figures form Ethereum smart contract launch has reached a new all-time high. The smart contract launch on the network is 50% higher than it was only two months ago. A total of 292 contracts were reportedly launched on Ethereum on the 9th of September.

This figure is just one short of the impressive numbers (all-time high) reached in July 2018. They suggest that there has been a huge rise in using Ether’s functionality this summer. Much of it can be attributed to financial dApps. Most of these dApps are new in the nascent and rapidly growing field where billion USD businesses can be set up with ETH.

Demands for Smart Contract Auditors is Higher Than Normal

It is now obvious that the demand for smart contract auditors is high. This implies that there’s a skills shortage. There is a bright side to all of this in any case. The good news is that gaining such money-making skill costs nothing apart from time. There’s a vast number of tutorials online. Besides you can play on the testnets as well.

However, it is unclear whether higher institutions have started to alter their classes to meet the rapidly changing Blockchain and Ethereum scene. The goal is to include Solidity and others. This type of skill can be costly and if care isn’t taken all funds can disappear in an instant. Hence, it requires a significant level of discipline, focus, care, and a tight process. Because after it has been published, it will face scrutiny from the world. They started offering Blockchain-related courses particularly in 2017 to date. Because there might not have been too much demand before flashloans.

This Growth Might Continue for Ethereum in DeFi

However, flashloans make Solidity knowledge essential. The reason is that you must hard-code every flashloan operation since it can’t be templated. So it’s possible that this must have significantly increased the current level of interest in Solidity (even before DeFi dApps made the coding language more appealing because of the rise in opportunities for arbitrage and task-based jobs).

There is a huge amount of competition for the task available as they are money-making opportunities. However, as the field is expanding fast, skill supply may not manage to keep up to saturate the opportunities. Because, as the current increase in smart contracts shows, growth may continue. This is particularly true for Ethereum’s DeFi space where they may be less sensitive to the increasing transaction fees.

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