Ethereum News Today – Headlines for September 15

  • A second Ethereum 2.0 testnet will launch this month
  • The new testnet which will only last for three days is called Spadina
  • Ethereum 2.0 developer claims the protocol is scheduled for launch by November

Ethereum News Today – the Ethereum 2.0 protocol appears to be just around the corner. The long-awaited upgrade coming to the Ethereum network (the switch from the proof of work consensus algorithm to a proof-of-stake model) will implement many enhancements.

According to reports, there will be an additional brief pit stop before the scheduled date for the upgrade to go live. This time there will be a second pre-launch sandbox called the Spadina testnet. This testnet will come before Ethereum 2.0. It will be specifically focused on genesis testing and deposits. The Ethereum Foundation revealed plans of the launch of this second parallel testnet known as Spadina today. Spadina will exist along with the current Medalla testnet.

What’s the Purpose of Running a Second Testnet?

According to another blog post by Ethereum developer Danny Ryan, the development team behind the protocol does not want to disrupt the developers who are testing on Medalla. However, it wants an updated model of the testnet that will allow developers to test specific elements of the project.

The Spadina testnet (which includes a mainnet-like configuration) will last for only three days after going live later in the month. There’s a particular emphasis on genesis and deposits. The two aspects mentioned above are connected. Hence, before the new beacon chain can go live its first (the genesis) block, must have about 16,384 validators who have staked 524,000 ETH between them. Spadina will give every user another opportunity to go through the above-mentioned process, and the initial operation of the genesis block.

Spadina is a Second Dress Rehearsal

Ryan said Spandina will be a second “dress rehearsal for users before the main launch. In his words:

We realize that the engineers and community could utilize an extra public testnet launch before the mainnet runs through the motions. Similarly, we must avoid disrupting the momentum of Medalla. If everything goes well, we would have peace of mind before jumping into the real deal later in the year.”

Ryan also noted that the Spandina testnet might remain alive after the scheduled three-day passes. However, this support won’t be provided beyond the specified timeframe. In any case, Spandina will be a second “dress rehearsal for users before the main launch. The Ethereum 2.0 protocol was originally proposed to address the network’s issues relating to rising transaction fees. It is expected to go to life later in the year.

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