VeChain News Today – Headlines for September 17

  • Carrefour among the latest corporate brands to adopt VeChain’s My Care
  • The brand adopted the My Care solution to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus
  • VeChain confirms risk protocols in the energy sector

VeChain News Today – it appears the recent solution implemented by VeChain and DNV GL has gained more adoption. This became the case after two recently announced collaborations adopted the VeChain solution. Recall that the Blockchain network developed a new solution with DNV GL to help prevent and reduce the risk of coronavirus infection together. The solution known as My Care is based on VeChainThor.

Now, reports show that three different companies with offices around the globe will implement My Care solution. Carrefour Commerce and Industry is the first company. The second firm is the largest retail chain in Europe (known for partnering with Crystalchain to integrate Ethereum-based technology into its products). Per the report, the collaboration with VeChain and DNV GL has helped them to prepared when it comes to the prevention of Covid-19.

Why Carrefour Adopted My Care

Carrefour Commerce has announced the completion of the certification for its retail and wholesale locations in Brazil. Which is the main reason for adopting My Care. Hence, Carrefour stores including supermarkets, mini-markets, distribution centers, convenience stores, and pharmacies all meet the infection and risk management criteria provided by My Care.

According to the announcement, the VeChainThor based solution was implemented in every single Carrefour brand. It was also implemented in brands associated with the firm including Carrefour Express, Carrefour Market, Carrefour Bairro, Atacadão, and Drogaria Carrefour. The firm announced the following:

  • Documentation issued
  • Statements made in interviews
  • Sampling criteria adopted

DNV GL agrees that the processes implemented by the Organization are in line with the current good practices. They believe that the firm’s practices meet the requirements of the management of the risk of infection in workstations.

VeChain Verifies Risk Protocols in the Energy Sector

The second collaboration for the use of My Care was established with ACWA Power alongside its subsidiary NOMAC (National Operations & Maintenance Company). ACWA Power is an investor, and developer, in the energy sector. It is also the co-owner and operator of a broad range of power generation water production plants in countries in North Africa, Southern Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Based on the official press release, the collaboration will allow the two companies to manage the risk of the coronavirus infection and mitigate the effects of the pandemic. The entities will use VeChain’s My Care methodology to implement sanitation and hygiene capabilities. The goal is to strengthen confidence among employees, consumers, shareholders, and authorities in the prevention of Covid-19. It will also provide risk management initiatives. With this solution, both companies are expected to strengthen confidence in the energy sector.

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