Ripple News Today – XRP Holders Put Aside 1.1 Billion Tokens As the Spark Token Airdrop Draws Closer – September 18th, 2020 

  • The Spark Airdrop is Almost Here and XRP Token Holders are Getting Ready to Benefit
  • More than 1.1 Billion XRP Tokens Have Been Put Aside Across the Community Ahead of the Airdrop
  • XRP Gains a Little Momentum Above the $0.25 Level Setting Targets at $0.27

Ripple News Today – In our Ripple News a while ago, we noted that several XRP holders were getting ready to participate in the upcoming Spark token airdrop. Yesterday, we confirmed that community members have put aside more than 1.1 billion XRP tokens ahead of the airdrop. These tokens have been put across almost 20,000 XRP Ledger accounts. While the ratio of the Spark tokens to XRP that will be released has not been declared, it will most likely be a ratio of 1:1. If this happens, 1.1 billion Spark tokens will be airdropped to these account holders.

Ripple News Today – XRP Community Members Prepare For Spark Token Airdrop

The information, which was collected from XRPlorer shows that members of the XRP community are greatly interested in the airdrop. No date has been set for the Spark airdrop but it is going to happen later this year. Some of the accounts contained more tokens than others. The top three accounts contained 168 million, 24 million, and 13 million XRP tokens respectively while the other XRP tokens are scattered through the other accounts in smaller amounts. If the ratio is 1:1, the account with 168 million XRP tokens will receive 168 million Spark tokens.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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XRP Price Prediction 2020 – Ripple XRP Price Prediction 2020 

All participating accounts will get Spark governance tokens from Flare Networks, Ripple’s partners firm. The blockchain snapshot will occur on the 12th of December and the airdrop will follow shortly after. With the successful airdrop, Flare Networks will be able to achieve its goal of making the XRP Ledger smart contract compatible just like Ethereum. They are creating a bridge between XRP and Ethereum. The co-founder of Flare Networks, Hugo Philion, said; “expand the use cases without affecting the XRP Ledger itself. Flare will have a minimal-to-no effect on the XRP Ledger but will transport the value of XRP onto Flare to allow users to take advantage of smart contracts in many different ways. One of the use cases of the new network will be collateralizing the issuance of stablecoins, something that already has several parties interested.”

XRP Price Prediction – XRP Gains a Little Momentum Above the $0.25 Level Setting Targets at $0.27

It’s not clear if the Spark token airdrop will affect the price of the XRP token. However, everyone knows that the token needs a boost right about now. Flare Networks intends to distribute more than 45 billion Spark tokens to XRP community members. If this improves the price of the XRP token, maybe it will get a boost to the key resistance at $0.30. At the time of writing, the price of the token was $0.253707. This means that it is up by 1.64% against the USD and up by 0.68% against Bitcoin BTC with a trading volume of $2,134,941,285 and a market capitalization of $11,427,540,459.


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