Bitcoin Cash News Today – Headlines for September 19

  • Bitcoin Cash proponent started a spoof that made the local media report on BCH
  • The follower used 100 BCH tip stickers for the initiative for $1,100
  • The hoax managed to help Bitcoin Cash feature on media outlets in Bakersfield

Bitcoin Cash News Today – one anonymous Bitcoin Cash supporter has revealed that he deliberately initiated a spoof that successfully made local media outlets to report on BCH. The trick, which the proponent used just 100 BCH tip stickers to accomplish at a cost of $1,100, managed to get BCH featured by several media outlets in Bakersfield.

Speaking about the success of the ruse, the yet to be identified BCH supporter, who goes by the moniker Bitcoin Man, revealed that he printed 100 Bitcoin Cash tip stickers. He stuck them in downtown Bakersfield and captured photos where he put them. According to him, each tip contained a clue regarding where the Golden $500 BCH sticker was located.

How a Spoof Turned Into a Media Hype About Bitcoin Cash

The anonymous Bitcoin Cash supporter says he photoshopped several fake social media accounts containing fake comments about users who have been winning tips for finding and scanning stickers. After capturing screenshots of the scam social media comments, Bitcoin Man shared them in several Bakersfield Facebook groups. After sharing he asks users there “have you heard about this? Everyone on Facebook is talking about it.”

This strategy according to him eventually created curiosity from a few locals. Eventually, a Reddit thread was made about it. After that interest grew. Real people started to search for the stickers and began to win tips. Most of the real winners contacted Bitcoin Man who encouraged them to tell others on media outlets about it.

The BCH Supporter Has Encouraged Followers of the Token to Try a Similar Initiative

As the Bitcoin Man’s strategy went according to plan, he explains that he prepared a different way to handle the media. In his words:

The media just want a soundbite, they don’t care about your technical philosophical rant.”

Hence, to ensure that the media buys into his objective, the BCH supporter decided to tell them that he is doing the initiative to help people. He says it is better than promoting a rant because the media will not want to interview anyone with a highly complicated message.

The report is fast food information so give them that,” He said.

After seeing his plan working perfectly the Bitcoin Man has started to encourage others who are passionate about Bitcoin Cash to do the same thing. According to him:

You don’t need to do a giveaway of $1,000 to accomplish this. A simple $100 would do the trick.”

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