Cardano News Today – Frederik Gregaard Appointed as CEO of Cardano Foundation as Part of Adoption driving Mission – September 21st – 2020

  • Cardano Appoints New CEO as Part of Its Mission to Promote Global Adoption
  • Frederik Gregaard is Highly Qualified for the Role and he is Happy to Work with Cardano
  • Cardano ADA Token Continues to Decline Against the USD

Cardano News Today – The Cardano Foundation has been working harder than most this year despite the Covid-19 pandemic and all the challenges it brought. From one development to another, Cardano and IOHK have worked consistently to make the Cardano ecosystem better. As part of its plan to promote global adoption, Cardano has appointed a new CEO to take the lead in bringing the blockchain to the future. The employment of Frederik Gregaard strengthens Cardano’s executive leadership.

Cardano News Today – Gregaard Optimistic About His New Position

Gregaard wasn’t the only one who was hired today. Cardano also employed a Head of Growth, Eva Oberholzer. Both executives will work closely together to promote enterprise adoption and building on the Cardano blockchain. It’s not a surprise that the Cardano Foundation is adding new members to its team and filling vacant positions. They recently started transitioning to a fully decentralized era. Shelley has been done successfully and the next stage of Cardano is Goguen.

Following the transition to Goguen, Cardano will become a truly decentralized computer with smart contract compatibilities. This will lead to enterprise adoption of the blockchain. There are already many enterprise use cases of the Cardano blockchain but these are just the beginning as Gregaard will work with others to make Cardano more attractive. Gregaard is optimistic about his new role. In his words;

“I am delighted and honored to join the Cardano Foundation and advance its core missions, which I see as crucial to building a strong digital asset ecosystem, and the future financial infrastructure backbone. The Foundation has a dedicated and high-caliber talent base, which will take Cardano to new heights, together with our enthusiastic community. I am joining the Cardano Foundation during a paradigm shift in Cardano’s functionality and useability, and I anticipate that the next few years will be a significant growth period for the protocol.”

The Cardano Foundation is also happy to welcome Eva and Gregaard to the team according to Nathan Kaiser, the chairperson;

“With Frederik’s and Eva’s appointments, we are further strengthening our leadership function and I am honored that they are bringing their passion to Cardano. The Cardano ecosystem not only gains two long-term professionals in the blockchain industry, but also two experts in digital transformation. I am confident that with Frederik’s vision—combined with his extensive experience in the blockchain—the Foundation will continue to push forward its missions. Likewise, Eva’s arrival cements our growth strategy to drive adoption of Cardano among corporates and in regulated industries.”


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