VeChain News Today – Headlines for September 22

  • US Consulting Firm Object Computing Partners with VeChain
  • The two entities have collaborated to back global logistics initiatives
  • VeChain and Object Computing share a common goal regarding supply chain operations

VeChain News Today – the VeChain network has landed a new partnership. This time the firm has collaborated with Object Computing Inc. with the latter announcing the partnership via a press release. According to Objective Computing, it has entered into a strategic collaboration with the Vechain Foundation. As part of the arrangement, Object Computing, alongside VeChain, will back global logistics initiatives.

Objective Computing will position itself as a VeChain Global Solutions Provider. OCI or Object Computing, Inc. is an end-to-end software tech firm that creates unique solutions and provides support for distributed object-oriented applications. The firm was established in 1993 and currently backs Fortune 500 clients in the finance, healthcare, defense, telecom, and manufacturing sectors.

The Partnership Will Fully Utilize VeChain and Objective Computing Supply Chain Experience

One goal of the partnership is to take advantage of the supply chain experience of VeChain and Object Computing Inc. The St.Louis-headquartered firm will use VeChain’s Blockchain to meet its objective. According to the press release, OCI states that:

“The VeChain ToolChain is a comprehensive Blockchain-based app platform supported by the Thor network. ToolChain allows businesses of different sizes to leverage Blockchain technology. The goal is to improve brand perception and value. It will also help to expand brands into new business models. The services available to subscribers of the solution include product lifecycle management, data deposit, supply chain process control, process certification, and data certification.”

Additionally, OCI hopes to capitalize on its wealth of experience in the machine learning and microservices sector to strengthen VeChain’s logistics stack.

Objective Computing Will Help Firms Develop Requisite Solutions on VeChain’s ToolChain

The OCI is an end-to-end solution provider with multiple years of experience. It will help firms to create requisite solutions on VeChain’s ToolChain. It will also help firms to build dedicated smart contracts that back consumer efforts. The OCI explained the aim of the latest partnership with VeChain below:

“VeChain and Object Computing share a common goal regarding how supply chain operations should be handed out. Together, the two firms expect to turbocharge the industry adoption of Blockchain-backed supply chain solutions.”

According to Ciju John, the senior software engineer at Objective Computing via LinkedIn:

Thank you, we love VeChain’s Tech Toolchain platform’s APIs. We are happy to start creating next-generation supply-chain solutions.”

Object Computing In. isn’t a new name in crypto. According to a 2018 report, the company might have created the bulk part of the EOS core covenant. During the first year of EOS coding, three of six core programmers came from Object Computing Inc.

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