Bitcoin Cash News Today – Headlines for September 24

  • The last 612 blocks of the last 1,000 on Bitcoin Cash have been mined using BCHN
  • 82% of the hashpower on Bitcoin Cash is signaling BCHN
  • BCH followers are waiting for day 53 to pass for the 15th network upgrade

Bitcoin Cash News Today – a lot is happening in the Bitcoin Cash network recently. According to data from Coin Dance, 61% of the previous 1,000 blocks on the Bitcoin Cash chain have been mined with BCHN. The data also indicates that 82% of BCH’s hashpower is signaling BCHN. BCH followers are also waiting for day 53 to elapse for the November 15th network upgrade.

Recall a report from September 1, indicating that there was a high chance that the BCH network will fork. At that time, the top members of BCH’s community bid Bitcoin ABC developers farewell. Many mining operations started to signal the BCHN node. Since then onwards, over 61.19% of the 1,000 blocks mined have been mined with BCHN.

612 Blocks of the Last 1,000 on Bitcoin Cash Have Been Mined With BCHN

Coin Dance data show that 612 of the previous 1,000 blocks have reportedly been mined with the BCHN software. As we approach September’s end, two new pools have joined the fray of BCHN signalers. and Antpool have started indicating BCHN in their respective coinbase parameters. Meaning that 82% of the total BCH hashrate has been signaling BCHN. The mining pools included in the group include Antpool,, Binance,,, MY7A, easy2mine, Huobi, Okex, and Bejn.

In the past 12 hours, more than 2.6 EH/s (exahash per second) of hashrate has been from the Bitcoin Cash chain. In other reports, the Coinex trading platform revealed its contingency plans for the Bitcoin Cash upgrade. The announcement referenced the possibility of a split. Coinex exchange announced the launch of futures. The futures will drop on September 24.

BCH’s Network Upgrade Will Happen on November 15

The Bitcoin Cash network will reportedly undergo a hard fork or semi-annual upgrade on November 15. In light of this, Bitcoin Cash followers will also be patiently waiting for other exchanges to bring their contingency plans to light going forward. The new futures to be listed on the Coinflex crypto trading platform indicate that ABC versus BCH futures remain 10-to-1 (in favor of BCH). While the BCHN blocks have crossed the 60%-point, BCH proponents on the Reddit thread r/btc discussed the changes.

Most of the users expect the total number of blocks mined with BCHN to increase in the coming weeks. One Reddit user noted that since Antpool added 20% to the total hashrate, the seven-day average should get to 75% in the next five or six days.

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