Ethereum News Today – Headlines for September 30

  • The Spadina testnet is focused on genesis for ETH 2.0
  • Low user participation, technical issues, and confusion stopped the testnet from kicking off as expected
  • Developers have scheduled a new trial called Zinken, for next week

Ethereum News Today – the second-biggest Blockchain is moving from a PoW (proof-of-work) consensus algorithm to a proof of stake model. And, along with it, in theory to a less-congested network with fewer gas fees. The latest update on the planned change has hit a setback.

Spadina, the dress rehearsal for ETH2 genesis and the intentionally short-lived ETH testnet ran into a few problems after it was launched. The result was that Ethereum 2.0, the network’s coming PoS (proof-of-stake) network update, will need one more dress rehearsal. At least that’s what Danny Ryan, the lead developer behind the testnet suggests. Spadina is a testnet that wasn’t supposed to last long. It was built for trialing genesis or the creation of block one on Ethereum 2.0.

What You Need to Know About the Spadina Testnet

Spadina is a separate testnet from the Medalla testnet. It is a general sandbox designed to stand in for an up-and-running model of the PoS (proof-of-stake) consensus mechanism. Spadina replicates the start of the new network. Testing its creation is essential because before the PoS chain can be up and running, more than 16,384 validator nodes must be operating the network. These nodes must have collectively deposited half a million ETH.

Prysm Labs noted that the testnet was useful. It spotlighted several areas that needed improvement. The first area is of low user participation. The next is confusion and invalid deposits. The result of these issues was a bad impression for the genesis rehearsal. Although testnets are less used than Blockchains because they lack adequate utility for non-developers. According to Ryan:

Minor errors in client release processes exacerbated this problem greatly. This resulted in just 1/3 participation in the first set of epochs.”

The Blockchain Did Not Start Correctly

According to Prysm, the above-mentioned issue shouldn’t be a problem to deal with:

The issue relating to finality wasn’t a critical bug or a consensus error. Rather, it is something caused by configuration parameters and it can be repaired with a release.”

After that, everyone must start from scratch and try again. Ryan and other developers in charge of ETH2 testing have scheduled a new dress rehearsal, called Zinken, to go live late next week. For this rehearsal to be successful, testnet participants must up their game. Ryan added:

Since this is only a dress rehearsal, we are asking you to take genesis seriously. Make deposits only for validators you will run. If possible, pay attention during the 24-hours leading to the genesis launch and- upgrade your node if necessary.”

If Ethereum developers are convinced that the main production will be success, they can just stage a new dress rehearsal.

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