Ethereum News Today – Headlines for October 1

  • Ethereum 2.0 genesis is in final testing after the dress rehearsal
  • The network has activated a final series of testnets for the Beacon Chain phase
  • The stage is now set for the next testnet known as ‘Zinken

Ethereum News Today – the long-awaited network upgrade for the Ethereum Blockchain is entering the final stages of testing. At least that’s what the project’s lead developer claims. Recall an earlier report on the update that the recent ‘failed’ temporary testnet has been called a dress rehearsal for the genesis phase of ETH 2.0.

Now a final series of testnets has been activated. These will serve the Beacon Chain phase of Ethereum’s Serenity. Since the testnet called ‘Spadina’ was a failure in finality, a new testnet will launch. This has prepared the foundation for the new testnet known as ‘Zinken.’

The Spadina Testnet Failed in Finality

The short-lived Spadina testnet was supposed to be one of the last dress rehearsals for ETH2. Unfortunately, the test was problematic with multiple errors reported in configuration, calculations, and boot nodes. Although the ETH2 clients have become robust, the wait for finality over an extended period highlighted the issues at the edge of the stack. Ryan added that the issue of low participation was expected as it was a short-lived testnet. This resulted in errors in the client launch process.

Via a document speaking the failure of Spadina, Ryan said that Prysm, Ethereum’s most popular client on the testnet, wasn’t updated to support Spadina in the right way. It also stated that there are low values for user participation, with just 3,400 active validators. Raul Jordan a developer at Prysm labs didn’t see Spadina’s failure as a setback. He claimed it was more of an experience.

The Stage is Set for the Zinken Testnet

The next testnet known as Zinken will reportedly be launched on October 12. The coming Zinken testnet will offer support for Prysm, Lighthouse, Nimbus, Teku, and Lodestar clients. When asked about how many additional testnets will rollout the post on the r/ethstaker channel said:

As much as it takes to ensure that everything is working as planned. We think there is a good chance that this will be the final testnet.”

Finally, Ryan remarked that he won’t consider low participation on the Zinken testnet a failure. He is looking for a ‘stainless client release process with minimal heartaches for users. Meanwhile, the Medalla testnet is still running and has already accumulated 2 million simulated Göerli testnet ETH staked on the network. There are nearly 65,000 validators already. The United States and Germany are reportedly accounting for over 57% of the total figure. For client dominance, Prysm now accounts for 98%.

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