XRP News Today – XRP Gains 10% Above the $0.2500 Level, Ripple Appoints New Executives, and News of Exchange Platform Emerges – October 6th, 2020

  • Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse has Announced Provided the List of New Ripple Executives to Champion Growth and Development
  • Ripple Recently Talked About New Exchange Platform
  • The XRP Token Response to Positive Fundamentals Rising by More Than 10% in Less than Two Days

Ripple News Today – Yesterday, Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse said that Ripple has appointed two longtime Ripplers to work as executives in the firm. The two Ripplers will serve as General Managers of RippleX and RippleNet and both of them will work to meet the ever-growing customer needs of the network as well as help the brand grow and evolve. Garlinghouse believes that these new executives will bring a fresh take to the RippleX brand. They will work on improving the liquidity and utility of the XRP token at the same time.

Ripple News Today – Ripple XRP Gains 10% in Less Than 24 Hours

At the time of writing, the price of the XRP token was $0.250963. It was up by 0.96% against the USD and up by 0.73% against Bitcoin BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period was $2,461,267,582 and the market capitalization was $11,334,115,819. Since the XRP token has been struggling to move above the resistance at $0.2400 for many weeks, the rise above the $0.2500 level is a welcomed development. However, there is still resistance at $0.2550. A rise above the $0.250 level will give the token the momentum it needs to move toward the $0.3000 level once again.

In his latest tweet, Garlinghouse said;

“Today, I’m excited to announce longtime Ripplers @ashgoblue and @monicalongsf as GM of RippleNet and GM of RippleX (previously Xpring), respectively. Ripple is evolving, but our core mission remains – we’re builders, not disruptors. https://t.co/EWl1FQpbrX”

The new general manager of RippleNet is Asheesh Birla while the new General manager at RippleX will be Monica Long. Long will work on leveraging Ripple’s DLT and the XRP token for a more efficient value exchange. Birla, on the other hand, will be in charge of Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity solution. Everyone already knows that this On-Demand Liquidity solution is one of Ripple’s pride products because it allows institutions to make large international transactions without pre-funding. Long will work on creating more awareness for the ODL solution while growing a community of developers that will build sustainable solutions for the XRP Ledger and the XRP token.

In other news, there have been rumors speculating about Ripple making plans to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange that is based on the XRP Ledger. While the details on this exchange have not yet been made public, the news about it alone has increased positive fundamentals for the XRP token. Social mentioning has increased by more than 120% in the last two days and the XRP token has increased by 10%. Still, XRP must rise above the $0.3000 before we can acknowledge that the bulls have regained full control of the market.

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