Ripple News Today – What Does the Rebranding of Products Say About Ripple, Executive Talks About On-Demand Liquidity and the XRP Token – October 8th, 2020

  • Ripple Has Rebranded Two of its Existing Products to Make Things Better for Clients
  • Chris Larsen, Executive at Ripple Says the Demand for Their On-Demand Liquidity Solution Doesn’t Affect the Price of XRP

Ripple News Today – Ripple does a lot of work when it comes to ensuring that they offer the best technology and service to their customers across the globe. While the blockchain services firm has faced challenges along the way, they have done what they can to remain one of the most relevant institutions in the industry today. Recently, Ripple announced the rebranding of two of its blockchain products. The Ripple news, which was initially posted on their official blog post, showed that the company has relaunched its funding arm, Xpring as RippleX and Ripple for Good as Ripple impact.

Ripple News Today – What the Rebranding Means for Ripple

The news about rebranding Xpring and Ripple for Good has been in the air for a while now but have you ever wondered what the impact of this change is? The rebranding is part of a larger effort to improve adoption and meet with the growing needs of global clients. Part of the blogpost was as follows;

“We’re eliminating the friction inherent in our global financial system…enabling payments for everyone, everywhere.” This is in line with the Trademark application Ripple filled for both names in August. Despite the changes and expansion plans, RippleX will still serve as a financial arm that funds projects on the XRP Ledger, and Ripple Impact will continue to act as a charity organization. In their latest blog post, they noted that they are advancing the primary payment product but didn’t give enough details about how they will proceed. By constantly rebranding and improving its products Ripple shows it is commited to the long term development of its blockchain.

In other news, Chris Larsen, a top executive at Ripple recently talked about Ripple’s dissatisfaction with the Cryptocurrency regulation in the United States and their plans to move the headquarters from Silicon Valley to a new country. He also talked about Ripple’s ODL solution and how it doesn’t affect the price of the XRP token in any way. He noted that the ODL service has been successful and they continue to make progress on that front. In his words;
“Ripple continues to make great progress and positions itself as an enterprise blockchain solution. The gateways for Ripple are the banks and payment service providers, who already have 100 out of millions of customers. So it’s all these financial institutions that bring these enormous amounts of customers and bring all the other infrastructure that’s not changing here, the custody relationships, the security relationships, the AML. So we think this is a good approach to quickly approach these really big networks.”


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