Cryptocurrency News Today – Headlines for October 9

  • Tether has blacklisted over 100 addresses on the Ethereum
  • 84 blacklisting actions by Tether happened in 2020
  • Binance recorded $160 billion in derivatives volume last month

Cryptocurrency News Today – according to data from analysts, the total number of blacklisted Tether addresses on Ethereum has reached 100. About 84 of the blacklist actions taken by Tether happened in 2020, and the bulk of them began happening after July. For this content, the term “blacklisting” refers to user addresses that cannot send, receive, or redeem Tether (USDT). This action renders any USDT held in the affected addresses unusable.

As of July 9, Tether had already blacklisted about 39 Ether addresses holding USDT. There are many reasons why a user’s address can be blacklisted. The problem can happen due to a request by law enforcement or freezing actions taken by Tether as a part of a fund recovery process. At press time, there is no response to this revelation by users.

Binance Recorded $160 billion in Derivatives Volume in September

Binance has recorded over $160 billion in derivatives volume in September. Achieving this figure means it has surpassed Huobi. Binance reportedly held the highest derivatives trading volume last month. However, the general market saw a drop when compared to the record in August.

According to the digital currency market report provider CryptoCompare, the largest crypto exchange in the world by market cap also headed the derivatives market for September. This position was attained in terms of trade volume. It also surpassed the likes of OKEx and Huobi. Generally, there was a drop in the trading volume of a few offerings across the major market in the past 30 days.

Binance Was Top of the Derivatives Market Last Month

According to CryptoCompare’s report, the leading cryptocurrency exchange recorded a whopping $164.8 billion in derivative products (that were traded throughout) the past month. Binance also exceeded what was attained by its closest rival derivatives exchange, with $8 billion. The other exchanges on the list include Huobi, BitMEX, and OKEx. They all gained $156.3 billion, $155.7 billion, $56.4 billion in monthly derivatives trading volume in September.

However, despite the record of the day, all the major derivatives firms saw a drop in their overall trade volume for September. CcryptoCompare also noted that the top four derivatives exchanges (including Huobi and Binance), represented under 90% of the overall volume that was traded throughout September. Binance noted a 10.7% drop from the volume it recorded in August. This is followed by Huobi at 25.8%, OKEx at 18.5%, and BitMEX 30.7%.

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