Cardano News Today – Cardano’s IOHK Signs New Deal With Runtime as Development Team Prepares to Launch Goguen – October 11th, 2020

  • Cardano’s IOHK Enters New Partnership With Runtime Verification for the Development of Yella
  • The Cardano Foundation Has Released a Roadmap for the Upcoming Goguen Update 

Cardano News Today – IOHK has worked hard on the development of the Cardano blockchain since they got their contract from the Cardano Foundation. In our Cardano news last week, we noted that the IOHK’s contract was about to expire and the Cardano community will vote on whether or not it should be renewed. Yesterday, IOHK announced that they have entered a mutually beneficial partnership with another company, Runtime Verification. With the partnership, they will start the development of Yella as their first project.

Cardano News Today – IOHK Signs New Deal With Runtime Verification

While IOHK has signed a new contract and the Cardano community is yet to decide whether or not to renew its existing contract, Goguen is still progressing as scheduled. Charles Hoskinson said that they are making plans to release the Goguen roadmap on the 29th of October ahead of the launch later in the year. Hoskinson said that they are going to focus on marketing more aggressively. He said he is in daily contact with their new head of marketing to ensure that everything goes smoothly and as planned. The new marketing head will focus primarily on comparative marketing with other blockchains before working on campaign marketing.

Regarding the partnership with Runtime verification, Hoskinson said;

“So I signed it, it’s a seven-figure contract. We are bringing them back into the fold. We gonna do case stuff and yella. We gonna have a bunch of cool stuff there. I will make a dedicated announcement at a later time about specific deliverables and what we gonna get out of that. But I figured I just share with you guys the really good news.”

The founder of Cardano and CEO of IOHK said that Yella is one of his favorite projects and he believes it will pave the way for new and greater things. He continued;

“Yella is one of my favorite projects. It’s incredible stuff, it’s really exciting and I think it gonna open up a whole new dimension of the product and I always believed that. After the great collapse of 2017, we had nice-to-have vs. must-have and that was in the nice-to-have column. Plutus, Marlowe, and these things are in the must-have column. But you know, things are looking better.”

Yella or IELE is a virtual machine that was built to rival the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Using Yella, developers on the Cardano blockchain will be able to write dApps and execute them in any popular programming language. It will also support Ethereum’s Solidity so that developers who want to leave Ethereum can do so with ease. Regarding the upcoming Goguen update, Hoskinson said;

“So similar when you release something like this, you keep building infrastructure. […] So Goguen is a spectrum. […] And we gonna announce some of those parts, some of them, at the October update.”


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