Ethereum News Today – Headlines for October 13

  • Zinken testnet launched today is already a success
  • The testnet is designed to try genesis for the ETH 2.0 Blockchain
  • Zinken is the next phase after the unsuccessful trial of Spadina

Ethereum News today – the Zinken testnet has been launched today. According to the Ethereum Foundation research leading testnet endeavor for Ethereum 2.0, Danny Ryan, the launch of Zinken reportedly went smoothly. Zinken is reportedly the last “dress rehearsal” scheduled for testing ETH2 genesis (the creation of the block one in the new chain) before the PoS (proof-of-stake) network can go live. This follows the trial of a previous testnet called Spadina. Spadina failed to launch as originally planned on September 29. The event was called off due to low participation among users and a few minor client errors. According to Ryan:

“With today’s successful rehearsal, client teams have finished running audits and are making the final preparations for the mainnet launch.”

Developers Need A Fresh Trial Run for ETH 2.0

Spadina ran into a few problems when it went live. Like Spadina, Zinken is concerned with getting the genesis block right. For Ether 2.0 to launch, the network must have 16,000 validators (users running the software) and 500,000 ETH deposited. The above-mentioned numbers had to be reduced for Spadina and Zinken testnets.

Alongside the Medalla testnet, which is designed to replicate a fully autonomous Ethereum 2.0 network (with real users staking worthless coins), Zinken is a representation of the efforts of Ethereum’s developers to prepare the Blockchain for its transition to a PoS (proof of stake) model. This move will allow for faster transactions (100,000 transactions per second compared to the current number of 15 in a second). This upshot would make the network more responsive and cheaper.

Scalability is Essential to Ethereum’s Long-term Plan

Scalability remains essential if Ethereum must survive in the long-term. It already has the issue of congestion to contend with. This has been exacerbated by the growing popularity of DeFi (decentralized finance) apps. Similarly, the network is warding off DeFi prospects. Last week, for example, the Solana Blockchain network launched a bridge to Ether that will let it siphon users (permanently or temporarily) from the Ethereum’s Blockchain. Rivals like Tron hope to supplant Ethereum’s Blockchain. Even though the Spadina testnet was aborted there’s still interest in getting Ethereum 2.0 done the right way.

As of September 28, Medalla another testnet has attracted 60,000 validators plus 2 million in test ETH. The above figures have since gone higher to 75,000 validators. There are now 2.4 million in test ETH. Developers have already started to create tools for the coming network upgrade. Today, Prysmatic Labs launched a web interface for the recently released Prysm ETH2 client.

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