Ripple News Today – Alex Jones Says XRP Will Become a Global Reserve Currency in the Future – October 19th, 2020

  • Ripple XRP Will Become a Global Reserve Currency According to Alex Jones, Cryptocurrency Conspiracy Theories
  • Is This Just Another Conspiracy or Will Ripple XRP Indeed Become a Reserve Currency?

Ripple News Today – Alex Jones is well known as one of the most popular conspiracy theorists in the world. In his regular show, the Alex Jones Show, he has some interesting things to say about the fourth largest cryptocurrency per market capitalization. This time, he said that he believes the XRP token will eventually become a global reserve token that will have far reaching benefits in the world. If this happens, the XRP token will become the single most important token in the world. Is this a baseless conspiracy or does the XRP token have what it takes to become the foremost cryptocurrency in the world?

Ripple News Today – XRP as a Global Reserve Currency

Alex Jones has always been a strong supporter of XRP and a firm believer in the Ripple blockchain. In his words;

“Today is gonna be the day that Alex Jones announces XRP the global reserve currency. It’s the fourth one down the line. It’s not so shiny. I think it’s being manipulated by force, to be quite honest with you, but XRP (make no mistake about it) will be the global reserve currency.”

Jones made this statement during a conversation with a caller on his show. Right after he said it, the caller started complaining about how Ripple and XRP can’t be trusted because Brad Garlinghouse has been having secret meetings with Donald Trump, the current president of the United States. Cryptocurrency executives having dealings with governmental authorities is something that members of the cryptocurrency frown a because it defeats the purpose of decentralization.

While the caller seemed confident about his opinion, there is no evidence to support it. Rather than having private meetings with regulators, Ripple has been talking about leaving the United States because of the regulatory uncertainty that looms. Shortly after the episode was uploaded online, it started receiving reviews from members of the XRP community. Some members were happy about what he said. They agreed with him about XRP’s potential to become a global reserve currency. Some other members of the XRP community were embarrassed by the message stating that it was outright cringeworthy shilling.

The XRP token is going to benefit significantly from becoming a global reserve token. Apart from the fact that it will become the most important token in the world, it is also going to benefit in terms of price. Over the last few years, the XRP token has been struggling against the USD. At the time of writing, the token was stuck in the $0.22 to $0.25 level.


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