VeChain News Today – Headlines for October 20

  • VeChain’s price currently changes hands at $0.004
  • VET’s price fell to $0.006 between the beginning of August and mid-August 2019
  • VeChain’s price is consolidating just below the $0.002 resistance

VeChain News Today – Some of the brightest blockchain projects thrive in Asia and VeChain is one of such projects. What can we expect from the VET in the future? Will the coin’s price surge or plunge in the next five years? Looking at the price of VeChain today, you can see how the crypto has been successful over the years.

There are great possibilities for VeChain in the future as the coin currently changes hands at the $0.0043 area. This figure represents a 26% loss from the VET’s year-high price of $0.0058. In the last 24-hours of trade, the price of VET has sunk by 0.5%. The coin has maintained its market cap of $242.97 million with a trading volume of $158.05 million over the last 24-hours.

VeChain’s Price Fell to $0.006 Between the Beginning of August and Mid-August 2019

From the first day of August to mid-August, the price of VET fell to $0.006. A rebound immediately followed taking VET to $0.0198 by September. By December, the VET price dropped to as low as $0.0033. The price VeChain closed last year at $0.004. In Q1 of 2019, VET’s price was stuck within the $0.0036-$0.005 range. By March, the crypto managed to break the range and increase to $0.0079 after pulling to $0.0056 in April. After that, the coin continued growing and peaked at $0.0098 in June.

The price of VET couldn’t hold the above-mentioned heights. Hence, it went down before establishing support at $0.0028 in October of the same year. As VET found new ground, it quickly recovered and met some resistance at $0.008 in November. VET’s first attempt to rise above the above mark didn’t end well.

VeChain Price is Consolidating Just Below the $0.002 Resistance

The second attempt to rise over the above-mentioned position had the same result. After reaching the $0.008 resistance, the price of VET dropped to its former support of $0.0046. The coin closed last year for $0.0056 per coin. From the start of this year, VeChain’s price has continued to rise. It even retested the $0.0082 resistance in February. Unfortunately, at that position, the entire digital asset market had declined rapidly.

On March 13, the VET price set a new low point of $0.0016. After that, the digital currency started to rise slowly. On June 11, VET broke the $0.0082 resistance, and buyers pushed it to as high as $0.022 back in July. A slight drop followed to the $0.0146 area. At press time, VeChain is consolidating below the $0.002 resistance.

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