Stellar Lumens News Today – Headlines for October 23

  • The SDF announces new changes in its upcoming update
  • Protocol 14 had some setbacks that would have made validators to crash
  • The SDF urges users to install the new version of Stellar Core (v15.0.0)

Stellar Lumens News Today – There have been some changes in Stellar’s upcoming upgrade. According to the Stellar Development Foundation, it’s coming extremely important update will come with some changes. The foundation told its users that the update that was set to implement the Stellar Protocol 14 won’t happen.

The SDF said it found bugs in the update, after deploying Protocol 14 in the testnet. Hence, all votes for the network’s upgrade has been moved to November 23, 2020. After Stellar found a solution for the above-mentioned bugs, the SDF deployed them to its testnet on October 20 as Protocol 15. Per the report, the SDF decided to take this step to avoid confusion. The move will also help to verify that validators are running the Stellar Core updated version.

The SDF Urges Users to Install the New Version of Stellar Core (v15.0.0)

According to the SDF:

This discovery is similar to what the testnet was designed to bring long before a change to the network was suggested. We have thoroughly tested it in a sandbox environment. We have used a massive amount of time to root out and repair any potential setbacks.”

The new features that have been announced for Stellar will go live after the introduction of Protocol 15 on November 23, 2020, on the mainnet. The Stellar Development Foundation has asked for the cooperation of users. The entity has urged users to upgrade to the Stellar Core v15.0.0 version and v1.10.1 for Horizon users. Both options are the models compatible with Protocol 15. The SDF adds that the above-mentioned versions are backward compatible. It adds that it will continue supporting the current version of Stellar.

After the Upgrade Developers Will be Able to Create Improved User Experiences

The SDF Urges users to consider:

“Those using a Stellar SDK, who have already installed a supporting version of Protocol 14 should be fine. The latest update does not require any alterations at the SDK level. If you haven’t, do this please do it as quickly as possible. The two features that Protocol 15 will usher into bringing the Stellar Lumens network have been revealed. They include Claimable Balances and Sponsored Reserves. After the update has been deployed, the new features will make services and apps using Stellar more attractive to broader audiences.

The Stellar Development Foundation also added that:

After the update, developers can create easy to use, and better user experience without the complexity of Blockchain technology. They’ll do it without losing the advantages of a faster, cheaper, and permissionless network.”

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