Ripple News Today – Panic as Ripple Executive Gets Arrested and Faces Criminal Charges from the FBI

  • Ripple Board Member Ken Kurson is Currently Facing Criminal Charges by the FBI
  • Could These Criminal Charges Affect the Already Fragile Reputation of the Silicon Valley Fintech Firm? 

Ripple News Today – Ripple already had a fragile reputation in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Many believe that the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency project is an elaborate scheme that was put in place by the executives of the company so that they can enrich themselves. Now, one of the board members of Ripple, Ken Kurson is under investigation by the FBI over possible criminal charges. What does this mean for Ripple? Are these accusations going to soil Ripple’s name or not?

Ripple News Today – Will Ken Kurson’s Arrest Affect Ripple?

Ken Kurson isn’t just a board member of Ripple. He is also an American journalist and a political consultant. According to the reports from The New York Times, Ken Kurson is being charged with cyberstalking three people with threatening messages for allegedly ruining his marriage. As if sending them threatening messages wasn’t enough, he also installed a keystroke logger on one of the computers of the people he was cyberstalking. While his lawyer isn’t denying these acts, he said that his actions are not criminal offenses. Marc L. Mukasey, the lawyer, had this to say;


“Ken Kurson is an honorable man, a loving dad, and a gifted writer. The conduct alleged is hardly worthy of federal criminal prosecution. Ken will get past it.”

Ken Kurson has been one of the board of directors at Ripple since 2017. He is one of the earliest investors in blockchain technology. While David Schwartz took his original position as CTO, he is now in the same board position as Chris Larsen and Yoshitaka Kitao. Kurson has always been a dedicated supporter of the FinTech industry for years. It’s not a surprise that Larsen commended him for his understanding and contribution in 2017. In Larsen words;

“His deep understanding of the need for an enhanced financial system and his ability to detect important trends early on will be an asset to Ripple as we continue to pave the way for money to move at the speed of the Internet.”

Ripple is already in a PR crisis after some members of the cryptocurrency community accused Brad Garlinghouse of having secret meetings with members of the Trump administration. Let’s not forget about the lawsuits that Brad Garlinghouse and Ripple have been facing from various angry investors who feel duped. The last thing they need is more PR crises from executives or board members. The good news is that Ripple has been signing major partnerships and their partners have been expanding and reporting significant progress because of their use of the Ripple blockchain.


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