FBS Launches Free Educational Forex Course Directly to Your Email

Forex Broker, trading platform and FCBarcelona sponsor FBS announced the launching of  new educational series focused on the development of new traders and new techniques directly to your email.

FBS is also launching a new promotion for their 12th anniversary. With a prize funding of 1.2 million dollars, it is the biggest promo in FBS history. The prize includes a 300K-thousand-dollar Mercedes Benz G-Class.

Founded in 2009, the platform is present in over 190 countries and works with 16,000,000 traders from around the world. During November 2020 they started off with three email courses, and have been publishing Forex educational content since then.

FBS will introduce you into the market. The first lesson will cover the broker basics such as how to register on a broker and what the interface on FBS is like. You will then learn about how to open or close a trade, necessary when deciding when to start or stop depending on how the market moves in your favor or not.

Many brokers offer bonuses, and so does FBS. It offers a video on how to receive one of these and begin with a profit. Now you will be ready for the forex video that is named “forex for beginners” and dive right into what foreign trading is all about.

Free educational forex videos on FBS

The free forex educational videos might only be a few minutes long but they get the basics down. They will explain what Forex trading is and what the advantages are. Forex just like any asset involves risk which is a topic that FBS does not set aside.

The basic level will introduce beginner traders to the market. You will receive three educational videos, seven video lessons and five tasks in order to practice a trade.

In only a minute they will explain to you how much money it is possible for you and others to make in the FX industry. The sixth and last basic forex lesson is an introduction on currency pairs, base quote currencies and major crosses like EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF.

Once the basics are covered you can go into the intermediate videos on support and resistance levels. You will learn about trading techniques like trading divergence and how to use these. Also, major glossary words will be defined before passing into the intensive course which is divided in two: for beginners and for more advanced traders that want to deepen their knowledge.

During the intensive course, you will be able to access ten articles, ten posts, and five webinars. This will last five weeks, and some of the topics will be Japanese candlesticks, hammers, shooting stars and other effective chart patterns.

Analytics will be a part of this. You will learn about pending orders and technical indicators. Remember, all of these are free of cost.

All of these free educational videos on FBS are in line with their values. According to their website they value the “diversity of our clients and understand that different categories of customers have different demands”. Not only does this mean the lessons are both for new and advanced traders, but they also take into account halal and haram for Islamic traders.

Are FBS free forex video lessons legit?

FBS is an ECN broker and has various prizes that award their work and service to the trading industry. They have Best FX IB Program, Best Forex Brand, Best Investor Education in 2017, Best forex trading account in 2018, the Most Progressive forex broker Europe 2019, and many more.

According to their numbers, 48 percent of their clients use their trading income as their main economic source. Also, 7,000 trading accounts and partners are opened everyday. Meanwhile, every 20 seconds a client asks to withdraw profit which goes to show how their educational section could be advantageous for many.

If anyone can subscribe to the useful and easy to watch videos, what do their members get? As some of the awards might imply, this broker is all about education. They have constant online webinars, seminars and other special events. In this way, clients will always have trading material, be on top of the market, understand how to use technology, and try out some of the newest forex strategies.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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