Tron (TRX) Latest Update: Tron Launches Its Tron Wallet Decentralized Application

The Tron Foundation has just released the first version of the TronWallet Dapp which promises to do a lot more than the normal digital currency wallet. The wallet offers a secure, fast, and reliable way of signing contracts and carrying out transactions on the blockchain and also storing your digital currencies.

The Features of TronWallet

The TronWallet and its unique design will in return offer users a very smooth experience in the process. The TronWallet has a lot of features, and some of its features include:

  • Sign up/login
  • User dashboard
  • Send, vote, freeze and unfreeze features
  • Participate in ICO tokens
  • Official news from Justin Sun Twitter
  • Transaction list widget
  • Balances, frozen tokens, bandwidth, receive, and user

How to Get the Wallet

You can download the new TronWallet on the official website of Tron, and it is available for Android devices and you can use it on the web also. The wallet was built using the Tron Protocol, JavaScript, Node.js, Redux, React Native, AWS, and React.

The wallet supports multi-factor encryption and authentication of data-at-rest and in-transit. The wallet doesn’t ask for private keys, and the accounts are managed offline by TronVault, it can also be restored by using twelve seed words together with the number of the vault.

There is also a video available on YouTube, as well as the official site of Tron, demonstrating the use and features of the wallet.

The Impact of the TronWallet Launch

The launch of the TronWallet is a huge progress for Tron project and it is in line with present Road-map that involves the ongoing testing of the Tron Mainnet. What every Tron holder and investors are now waiting for is the Independence Day which is scheduled for June 25. The present countdown on the website of Tron indicates that the launch of the Genesis Block is just 9 days and a few hours away.

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