No More Mistakes with a Bitcoin Wallet

A Bitcoin wallet is used to store and manage Bitcoins. It is software or an app where crypto investors securely hold their digital coins, and it also allows them to send or receive. When handling your wallet, many pitfalls can endanger your investment. But the good thing is that you can avoid them by following expert tips.

As soon as you start investing in Bitcoin or any other crypto, you are told that losing the private keys for your wallet means losing all your Bitcoins. This alone can scare you and make you shy away from investing more. But there is no worry because the tips shared below mean no more mistakes with a Bitcoin wallet.

Triple Verify Transaction Inputs

Making incorrect transaction inputs means losing your investments. There is simply no way to recover funds sent to the wrong address. This is a BTC wallet mistake many people have regrettably committed. For now, all you need is to be careful and triple-check the details such as the recipient’s address, blockchain commission, and the amount you want to send among other details. If you have to check for the fourth and fifth time, do it.

Use Reliable Wallet Management Platforms

In addition to offering exchange platforms, many brokers also have Bitcoin wallet hosting and management services. If you are a busy crypto investor who is always transacting, YouHodler is the best Bitcoin wallet host and manager for you. They have multi-wallet management services that you can rely on.

The best thing about using reliable wallet management platforms is that they help you to carry out verification before completing the transaction. Therefore, they reduce the chances of making costly Bitcoin wallet mistakes.

Understand the Blockchain Basics

Bitcoin transactions are performed on the blockchain whether you are using a third-party exchange platform or not. But the whole concept is dynamic and, sometimes, difficult to understand especially if you are relatively new to cryptocurrency. If you are in the dark, you will be exposed to many risks of losing your wallet and the entire investment. So, take your time to understand the security precautions and the scalability of handling your wallet on the blockchain.

Use Non-Custodial Wallets

Non-custodial wallets are decentralized, and the owner keeps the private keys. This means you are in control of your coins. On the other hand, custodial wallets are the opposite. The host keeps the private keys for you because the digital coins are stored together with those of other investors. They also keep a backup of the same. The danger with the latter is that they are easy targets of hacking because they store a lot of funds. In such a case, you and others lose all the investments.

Factor in All Security Measures

As you continue learning about Bitcoin wallets, you will realize that the risks at stake are greater than you thought initially. Theft of devices like a smartphone or laptop also poses a risk whether you have a locally stored wallet on the device or save account credentials for an online wallet. Therefore, you should not only fear hackers but also any thief as well. It is important to consider all security measures possible to protect your Bitcoin wallet.

By following these tips, your Bitcoin wallet will be safe, and you will enjoy investing in Bitcoins. So, take notes and follow the tips closely.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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