How New Technology will Affect the Online casino experience

With ever-increasing technological advances, the online casino experience is constantly evolving. From the early days of online gaming to the present, the evolution of casinos has been fueled by two major factors: technology and regulations. The online casino industry is no exception. As the world’s leading innovators in the online gambling industry, they’re continually working to advance consumers’ experiences with their platforms.

With the number of online casinos continuing to increase each year, a lot of people are wondering how new technology will affect the online casino experience. The ever-changing world of technology has had a significant impact on both retail and online casino industries in the past. These changes will not stop as new technologies emerge every year all over the world. Many online casinos have adopted new technologies, such as cryptocurrency, VR games, and more, which you can read about in the Vera&John Review by Manekinekocasino here. Therefore, some experts believe that with the introduction of new IT developments, online gambling will become more exciting and convenient. Here are some of the technological changes that may affect the gambling industry.


Cryptocurrency or in other words, digital currency, is something that can bring a big change to the gaming industry. Cryptocurrencies are considered safe for transactions. Most players are looking for security when making online transactions. In particular, players from countries where gambling is prohibited can easily transfer money with digital money to play certain casino games or bet on matches. The blockchain technology of cryptocurrencies is secure, it leaves no history of the user, so it cannot be traced.

Several online casino platforms already offer the ability to make transactions through Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, although the journey there wasn’t smooth, since this currency wasn’t accepted when it was first released. So don’t be surprised if all online casino sites and apps use one crypto-currency as their primary payment method.

VR headsets and AR technology

All IT companies are now betting on virtual reality. VR headsets for mobile phones have been on the market for a few years now. Apple is developing AR technology in the gaming world and, like Facebook, will soon launch its AR and VR headsets. YouTube has also started to support VR videos, and now some online casinos are also offering VR support to enhance the gaming experience.

Virtual and augmented reality technologies will allow users to experience a real game. Some analysts believe that the most popular online casino platforms will soon offer VR and AR games. The online casino industry has always followed in the footsteps of the video gaming industry, and not long after the video gaming industry began releasing VR titles, the online casino industry did too. Players have long awaited to finally feel like they are at a physical casino, all the while being comfortable at home, and with the VR, that dream might finally come true.

Casino games at the wrist

Casino games are fun on mobile because you don’t have to be connected to a computer and you can play whenever you want. In 2017, the famous casino gaming giant, Microgaming, introduced the first smartwatch that allows you to play online slots. It offers even easier access to casino games than mobile phones – you can just roll the dice during a meeting. Some smartwatches from other manufacturers also support multiple casino games. So, if all online casino service providers start offering casino games on smartwatches, we can expect even more growth in this business, and with such an opportunity for smartwatch developers to make money, we might see this growth sooner than expected.

This ease of access has made it a very attractive option to many gamblers, as it means they are able to gamble on the go, without needing to hold a mobile device in their hands. This also makes it possible to gamble wherever the player might be.

Here are some of the important technological improvements that could change the online gaming experience. Over the past few years, online casinos have been making more and more use of smartphones and tablets, leading to a greater reliance on mobile devices to manage gambling accounts and play slots and video poker. One of the most significant developments in this area is the development of new technology that allows casino games to run on mobile devices.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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