Project Rating 丨 BSC Ecology DeFi Key Project: Lois Network

Abstract: BSC intelligence chain ecology forges ahead. With the increasing promotion of distributed Fin-tech and the increasing innovation of concept, various rear waves also occur. Today, the Lois Network that we will conduct rating is also included in the rear waves.

DeFi (Decentralized finance) is a kind of finance based on blockchain. It doesn’t depend on the financial institutions such as securities trader, Stock Exchange or banks, etc. to provide financial tools, in contrast, it works on financial activities through smart contract (such as Ethereum) on the blockchain. DeFi platform allows people to lend or borrow capital and transaction encryption currency to/from others, and obtain interests in the similar savings account. As of Oct. 2020, over USD 11 billion has been deposited into various decentralized financial protocols. As of the end of Jun. 2021, the DeFi market scale has been as lower as USD 48 billion.

Project introduction

Lois Network as English name devotes to the layout of digital assets and digital finance to achieve the decentralized financial system of DeFi3.0. The whole ecology of Lois Network centers on three pillars, namely, DeFi, NFT and mining ecology. They can be broken through to build completely-closed digital economy ecology. In the Lois Network ecology, people can enjoy virtual reality world combining NFT and DeFi, liquidity mining products with high rate of return in combination with DeFi and mining ecology, and decentralized function such as transaction, payment, collection, deposit certificate, traceability, etc. in the future.

The future Lois Network will reconstruct the value world through the interconnection of DeFi and NFT.

Token model

As the leading project of BSC ecology, Lois ecology launches the dual-currency dual-track Token model based on the integration concept of DeFi and NFT.

Two kinds of tokens are issued, namely Lois and VIT.

Lois belongs to the DeFi sector of Lois Network. 100 billion homogeneity tokens are issued on BSC chain.

Allocation method:

1% airdrop: Obtained through application of white list
4% foundation: 2% instant unlocking, another 2% unlocking, and linear unlocking within 6 months
5% founding team: 1%, 1.5% and 2.5% unlocking in the first year, the second year and the third year, respectively
10% node autonomy: Hedging for 2 cycles, linear released at 10 phases after manual unlocking
18% private placement: 80% hedging. Nodes initiate vote at 5 stages for unlocking
12% public offering: 80% hedging. Nodes initiate vote at 5 stages for unlocking
50% ecological mining pool: Pledge mining

VIT belongs to the NFT sector of Lois Network. 30,000 non-homogeneous homogeneity tokens are issued on BSC chain.

Allocation method:

Obtained through smelting of Lois, without reservation.

Lois Network makes VIT own more powerful value and rarity in the Lois Network ecology through dual-currency dual-track token model. Second, from the reasonable distribution perspective of Lois, linear unlocking mechanism and lower market circulation rate avoid the brunt of the selling causes by major customers crushing the market in the early stage. The reasonable unlocking mechanism lets currency price of Lois walk more smoothly in the future. In the meanwhile, the deflation mechanism with the mutual link of VIT and Lois achieves the implementation of NFT application and further expansion of DeFi application. All those advantages are displayed through currency price.

Project background

From the perspective of background, Lois Network is also supported by very powerful mechanism, and the institutions from different countries successively have layout of Lois Network.

Five global famous institutions jointly invest USD 20 million to Lois Network:

Singapore TarotFoundation
America PartOneCapital
America MaskVCFund
Hong Kong DigitalEconomyFund
Hong Kong BlockChainFund

Several small and medium-sized encryption institutions establish cooperation relationship with Lois Network:

Node Capital
USA Block VC Fund
Andrew Capital
AC BaFin Fund
Chain Node Capital
Token Group
P32 Coin Capital
Greece Block Bank
E5 Group

From the perspective of background resources, Lois Network gets the support of many people and owns goods resources in the beginning. In the future, the globalization pace of Lois Network will be relatively stable with the reasonable allocation of these resources.

Analysis of public opinions

Lois Network occupies the central position of BSC intelligence chain ecology in the airdrop method, and is reported by lots of global users in a short time. Many global communities spontaneously support Lois ecology. Thus, it can be seen that Lois Network still win great recognition and positive response on the global market.

But the overall influence still needs to continually improve with the operation of Lois Network, and the overall community performance can also be improved further.

Future expectations

Lois Network is acting resolutely and forcefully, and owns lots of fans users. We believe, with the gradual development of Lois Network, we will see more surprise. Undoubtedly, Lois Network is very outstanding compared with most BSC ecologies.

In respect of product, the NFT and DeFi are broken through to form the closed loop so that the future decentralized financial track has more possibilities. NFT, DeFi and ecological mining are broken through, and the expected revenue and mining output also keep in reasonable scope. We have reasons to believe the rationality of trinity development mode of Lois Network. Both NFT product and DEFI product are worthy praising. As long as one breaks through, the other one also keeps rising naturally.

To sum up, Lois Network project is rated as Grade A. Binance ecological leading currency will have a good future!

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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