Top 4 Cryptocurrencies To Investing In Right Now Apart From Bitcoin

I’m sure that by now you’ve at least heard of the term cryptocurrencies being thrown around every now and again. But for many other people, cryptocurrencies and the practice of trading and investing in them has either become a lifestyle or an enticing opportunity to gain wealth through e-money. Companies from all walks of life are using and accepting cryptos, from medical, legal and construction companies to entertainment companies like the ones that offer fans services to
bet sports online.

While everyone around will usually talk about Bitcoin, being that it’s the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, here are our picks for four other cryptocurrencies that people should be investing in right now.


Bitcoin is on everyone’s mind when it comes to talking about cryptocurrencies, but have you ever heard of Ethereum. Ethereum, which is considered by most experts as the second best cryptocurrency platform in the world, holding at least 20% of the crypto market shares around, has been Bitcoin’s competition ever since its debut in 2013. Considered by many experts and traders as the top platform for decentralized finance, Ethereum, which uses its own native crypto, Ether, is known to let users create smart contracts that can be executed spontaneously after accepting and putting into practice a short list of investing conditions.

Ethereum has become a favorite go to crypto for traders looking to have a crypto platform in which all third party players like banks, credit companies and brokerage companies are not present, leading to easier and more direct dealings. Ethereum’s popularity amongst users continues to grow on a daily scope with the possibilities it offers for issuing new cryptos and creating and trading NFT’s and also allowing its owners to borrow against their holdings as well as lending them out for interests amongst its top commodities for traders and investors old and new.


Coming in second place on our list, is yet another decentralized blockchain platform, just like Ethereum, that uses their own native e-currency, Ada, Cardano. Created in 2015 by one of Ethereum’s founders Charles Hoskinson, Cardano hit the market looking to be an option for crypto traders and investors looking for a less demanding alternative when it came to energy than its rival competitors.

The way in which Cardano is able to offer its users top level services and investment opportunities is by using a protocol called “proof-of-stake” protocol in which high energy usage is not welcomed like with other options in the market, allowing for easier processes of transactions being validated for blockchain platforms with higher scaled security measures met as well.

Binance Coin

Officially launched in mid-2017 and running initially on the Ethereum Blockchain but now on it’s own blockchain, the Binance coin has quickly risen to popularity as one of the best day to day cryptos in all of the e-currency markets. With a limit of 200 million tokens in circulation at any point, it has become one of the most valuable cryptos in the world with its coin’s value being up almost 700% in what’s been of 2021 all alone.

While at the beginning of its run Binance coin was taken as an instrument for financial and crypto speculation, all that is now in the past with this crypto becoming one of investor’s favorite crypto to deal with, because of its usage in anything from making credit card payments to paying for travel accommodations, making charitable donations, buying virtual presents and many other uses.


If you’re looking at getting into the world of cryptocurrencies and are also a fan of internet memes and Shiba Inu dogs, then using Dogecoin might just be the best thing to ever happen to you. Unlike Bitcoin and other cryptos out there, Dogecoin has positioned itself to be the crypto for people from all walks of life with a lighthearted take on what the crypto and blockchain world offers on a daily basis.

Dogecoin’s prices are always usually at a low mark in comparison to other cryptos but it’s true strengths come from the facility it has for circulation and its apparently unlimited capacity for mining. While there are close to 13o to 135 billion Dogecoins in circulation worldwide, it is expected for new mining blocks to be available as soon as next year, making its mining rates much faster than any other options out in the market.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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