Achain Galaxy and Cosmos is Completing, Multi-chain Mode has Witnessed Remarkable Results

After the construction of Achain Galaxy and Achain Cosmos, Achain became one of the first multi-chain parallel public chain projects in the blockchain market, attracting great attention. Among Achain Galaxy and Achain Cosmos, the core is to realize a multi-chain parallel network based on a contract network through a cross-chain value-exchange protocol.

Based on the intact infrastructure construction, developers can use a more concise “development language” on Achain to publish their own blockchains and build parallel network galaxies. In addition, by focusing on the research and development of Dapp dedicated chain and cross-chain communication technology, Achain Galaxy and Achain Cosmos adopt a multi-chain parallel mode, which essentially solves the problems of scalability and transaction speed. While ensuring to maintain a smooth transaction speed, DAPP running on Achain can also own its separate chain thanks to cross-chain communication technology.

Achain solves the cross-chain problem through chain splitting and VEP technology. A number of sub-chains are formed through the technology of chain splitting. Each sub-chain can be appropriately customized according to different application requirements, and the sub-chains can exchange information and exchange value through VEP (Value Exchange Protocol, a standard protocol for linking between different blockchain networks).

In view of the successful construction of the chain splitting, the achievements of cross-chain technology have begun to emerge. In the retail industry, Achain Galaxy and Achain Cosmos can customize matching blockchains for different business needs. Producers and distributors can achieve better collaboration with the help of blockchain technology. For example, distributors can provide manufacturers with supply and demand information, as well as current fashion trends, and offer guidance for manufacturers’ production decisions. In the meantime, manufacturers can provide distributors with detailed product information. In this way, both parties can achieve information exchange and make the best decision through blockchain. Prior to this, it was difficult to collaborate between different roles in the same ecology, as it was difficult to ensure the authenticity of information, and there was no value exchange.

In addition, in the financial industry, the successful construction of the Achain Galaxy and Achain Cosmos solved the problem of information asymmetry. Achain’s cross-chain ecology has established a platform for warehouse, logistics, digital bills, and corporate credit investigation blockchain + supply chain finance. Upstream and downstream companies and financial institutions can share information about goods, warehouse, logistics, and accounts, which greatly improve the efficiency of supply chain finance, while also make information open and transparent, reducing financial risk, control risks, as well as fraud.

Being a mature public chain (Achain official website:, Achain Galaxy and Achain Cosmos is building a boundless blockchain world. We look forward to the further expansion of Achain Galaxy and Achain Cosmos.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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