Cardano News Today: Cardano (ADA) Plans to Use Blockchain Technology to Take Over Global Industries – Fri Jun 22

It’s not even up to twelve months since Cardano (ADA) was launched, yet this distributed computing network has a lot to show when it comes to the developments of their platform, leadership, and partnerships than most of the leading digital currencies in the market. The future of Cardano (ADA) looks brighter considering the recent moves made by IOHK to advance the project.

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What You Need to Know About Cardano

To the uninitiated, the development of Cardano (ADA) is backed by three different organizations. The first organization is the Cardano Foundation – an independent organization (based in Switzerland) aimed at supporting the Cardano community while streamlining commercial uses and regulatory.

The second organization is the IOHK – a development and research entity that focuses on digital currencies, and they are presently in a contract to develop the blockchain of Cardano until 2020. The third organization is Emurgo – a venture capitalist company that supports entities designed on the blockchain of Cardano.

The Partnerships of Cardano in Africa

After a signed memorandum of understanding between IOHK and the government of Ethiopia a month ago, it has become obvious that the vision of Cardano, according to Charles Hokinson, is to drive financial inclusion on the continent.

Also, the Cardano Foundation recently tweeted that it believes in a vision for Blockchain technology in Africa. In respect to this, IOHNK is presently helping to increase the adoption and use of blockchain technology by hiring and training local software developers and programmers with the aim of developing blockchain solutions for a lot of industries.

In Ethiopia, about one hundred programmers and developers have been added to the program to assist the ministry of science and technology in Ethiopia to achieve long-term blockchain tech deployment in different industries, including agriculture.

With the developments around the digital currency, it is obvious that Cardano (ADA) is one of the smartest projects in the digital currency world.

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