Alitas Released 2022 Roadmap, Getting Ready for Blockchain 3.0

Alitas, a promising project aiming to bring a more efficient, convenient, safe, and stable development and deployment environment to users around the globe, recently release its 2022 roadmap, featuring a strong development momentum in the coming year.

It is worth mentioning that in 2021, Alitas has been keep with times and achieved great results. With GameFi becoming a heated topic in the blockchain circle, in December 2021, started to develop GameFi SDK to help games to realize chain tour quickly.

Aside from this breakthrough, the technology team also optimized the communication mode between nodes to enhance the availability of the service when the network is unstable, expanded the function of the command line module and fixed some known problems, and added the function of specifying nodes for transactions, and users can specify the confirmation node and provide extra tips for nodes.

To offer a more efficient, convenient, safe, and stable development and deployment environment to users, Alitas also optimized the table in hash graph, fix the dirty read problem of multi-threaded, adopted tangle mechanism optimization, reduce the possibility of multiple nodes competing for the same transaction. Also, tangle fluid model improvement was adopted to enhance the stability of the system near the critical point.

Regarding the community building, new website was launched ( in late 2021. To show support to the community members, 7 AMA events in different communities has been held, featuring a strong development momentum and visionary strategic plan and expanding Alitas exposure. In addition, in preparation of the deployment of Blockchain 3.0, Super Public Chain was also launched, which is ahead of most competitors in the industry.

With all the aforementioned achievements obtained in 2021, Alitas is still striving to bringing a greater difference to the blockchain industry in the coming 2022.

According to the released Alitas 2022 roadmap, in the first quarter, on-chain data sharing will be developed, while the development of the public chain will be the focus of quester two. In Q3, Alitas will achieve preliminary completion of on-chain governance and the Alpha version will be released for public testing in the last quarter of 2022.

With the on-chain data sharing function and public chain, Alitas can better deliver its mission of underlying infrastructure of a new generation of value networks, as all data can be obtained and checked early, benefiting users in all countries. Moreover, with the on-chain governance, users can be the owner of the community, which can further trigger the development of Alitas ecosystem.

In all, with the community continues to grow in size, along with the strong technology breakthrough in 2021, the development of Alitas in 2022 is deemed to be healthy and positive.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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