Airdrop Claim Function Available on 20th, H2O Price Rockets to the Moon

Soon after making its debut in the market, H2O got listed on Huobi’s brand-new token listing platform, Primelist, catching users’ attention. Ever since its launching the market price has been rocketing up, with $H2O price surpassing $0.46 from the original $0.01, which is a 46 times increase, marking a new All-Time High. This excellent performance not only makes H2O a hot project, but more importantly, fully demonstrates the great potential and solid logical and technical support of H2O.

H2O is the world’s first decentralized traffic distribution platform that adopts DAO governance, and aims to equip its community members with the latest blockchain industry news and offer rich benefits to the users. So far, the core members of the community have been acquainted with many blockchain industry project parties, technology development, and exchange resources. As the community is managed in a decentralized way, the rights and obligations of the community members and the future development direction are decided by the community members together.

Another key feature of H2O is that the team is keen to provide community members with high-quality project benefits, such as token airdrops for third-party cooperation projects and whitelists for high-quality projects. In this way, with the aggregated community and benefits, community members can enjoy the dividends of industry development, shape brand value, and most importantly, promote the growth of the entire blockchain ecosystem.

The Airdrop Claim Function that can allow the aforementioned feature will be officially available on April 20th. With the new function, the community member of H2O can easily visit the official website of H2O and claim the airdrop of partner projects in the coming weeks.

After users link the wallet, they can check if the cooperative project of H2O has airdrop tokens and then participate in the airdrop activities with one click. In the coming weeks, there will be various projects that carry out airdrop activities regularly, including DFG and Titan, which are two of the most popular projects in the market these days. All these airdrops will be available on the H2O official website for community members.

With this Airdrop Claim Function, the community can enjoy practical profits and interest, further triggering community users’ motivation to join and part a bigger part in the ecosystem, benefiting the long-term development of the H2O community.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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