Reforming Short Video Platform, Petals is Building a Platform for ALL

Content platforms now hold the power of controlling how users disseminate, distribute, and obtain contents. Platforms have built high walls, keeping user generated contents inside as their own treasure. Users actively or forced to give up their rights and hand them over to the platforms. This leads to trashy platforms run wild, which has created big trouble in the market. Under this big background, Petals is launching the market soon, with the aim to rebuild a platform that can benefit all stakeholders.

Petals is a Web3.0 short video creation and social platform built entirely on blockchain technology, which facilitates value transfer and fair distribution for all users of the protocol. Its innate incentive mechanism is the biggest supporter of the coming Web3.0 era. Through the redistribution of value, content consumers, content producers, backend service providers or advertisers – are all able to create value and generate their own wealth.

Petals short video system ecology is built by all participants together and the efficiency of the system is improved with the help of AI algorithms. Petals is using blockchain as the underlying logic engine to create a new economic ecology of Web3.0 short videos driven by value. Petals is different from other blockchain economies and is a great attempt to enable the application and use of blockchain technology. Every user can achieve understanding and recognition of this new model through participation on the platform.

Content consumers can watch the ads to get rewards in the form of PTS tokens. They can also like, comment, retweet, report on the video, according to the validity of the behavior, to get additional rewards in the form of PTS tokens. For Advertising agents/advertisers, they can purchase Petals and make bids, the highest bid gets the opportunity to display ads. Advertising agents are subject to a strict credit system assessment and spontaneously complete part of the early review of advertising content.

As for content creators/producers, they can content creators/producers benefit from the Platform in reward Tokens, while at the same time they still fully control their property video works. To be more specific, content producers can receive a portion of the associated advertising revenue in PTS tokens. The more their videos are watched, the more they get paid in the Tokens. They can also create NFTs for their video works on the Platform and then content consumers may use PTS tokens to purchase the NFTs which are minted to show their support to content creators/producers. Content producers can also obtain PTS tokens as tips from content consumers when content consumers like the content and tip such content producers.

One flower, one world, one leaf, one Bodhi. Petals wished to become a platform that users can record the beautiful and gorgeous world around them and harvest their own wealth in the meantime. With the new Petals standard and its decentralized hosting, developers and users will build and experience short video social network: everyone controls their own data and public data is truly open to everyone.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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