DeFi Version of Telegram is Launching Market, What can Defigram Bring us?

Since 2021, NFTs have become more and more accepted as a “unique” asset in the digital world. More users are choosing to hold NFT asset and NFT avatars have exploded all over the internet. Most users who have purchased these NFT avatars update their avatars on Twitter to showcase them to others. However, as a centralized social platform, Twitter cannot perfectly combine the characteristics of this NFT asset. There is also nothing to stop users who have not purchased this NFT to use it as their avatar. To better solve the aforementioned problems, Defigram is launching the market soon, integrating decentralized technology with Telegram, the world’s largest social network based on openness and freedom.

Defigram is a secondary development based on the Telegram open-source code with an added decentralized wallet. Users can communicate with Telegram communities and users without barriers. Defigram has developed a decentralized wallet to support users to manage BTC, ETH, BSC and other multi-chain assets. The NFT assets held by users can be used for various social activities in the Defigram app. To close the distance between the project owner and users, project owners can engage in discussions and experiences of Defi-type projects. Moreover, Defigram also supports the display and authentication of NFT assets held by users.

To better serve the community, Defigram supports users to use their purchased NFTs as their avatars and authenticate them. Users can use their existing NFT assets in Defigram’s wallet to set their avatars, and the NFT assets will be signed and authenticated in the settings. After setting, users can display their NFT and its authentication mark in their social chat and personal page, which is unique and cannot be forged. In addition, users can display all the NFTs collected in their wallet to other users. Users can view their collections through the user’s personal information in their NFT album. The interactive demand generated through the social path will also provide a purchase request function in the future. Moreover, users can also set the portal of other NFT games they participate in at the setting of the user’s personal information in their own personal profile. This facilitates other users to access more of their NFT collections through the platform.

With the coming launching of Defigram, a one-stop service social platform based on the Defi ecosystem will soon be opened to the public, in which users can experience all Defi products on the platform, understand all kinds of new Defi products at the lowest cost, and in the meantime enjoy live chat on the chat page, view the project information and experience products.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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