How to Buy Cannabis Seeds

Even experienced growers may buy low-quality cannabis seeds. The reason can be different: ranging from improper storage of seeds and ending with outright falsification. Our experts will help you figure out how to buy cannabis seeds that will fully meet your expectations.

Why the quality is important

Marijuana seeds are far from being a ready-to-eat product. The grower has to go through a difficult path to obtain the required material. And it’s a long journey. Low-quality seeds can cause many problems when growing:

  • low germination;
  • plant death;
  • poor seedling health;
  • small harvest;
  • low cone effect;
  • mutations.

These are far from all the troubles that bad seeds can bring. But most importantly, you will lose your valuable time for growing it.

Where do fake seeds come from and how can you tell them apart?

Each breeder and sidibank has its own seed selection technology and its own price. However, there are individuals who want to capitalize on someone else’s reputation. They open their underground concerns by packaging ordinary marijuana seeds in beautiful bags and boxes with hyped names. By reducing the cost of a ‘branded’ product, they get a lot of customers who like to find where it’s cheaper.

By choosing original seeds on trusted sites, you get 100% confidence that exactly the variety for which the money was paid will grow from the seed. The fact is that they work according to proven technologies, test and control the quality at all stages of harvesting cannabis seeds.

Here another problem arises: how do you know that it is the original that is in front of you? Many seeds have verification elements on the packages to declare the authenticity of the product.

In any case, before buying a famous variety, find out who bred it and where, whether the packaging matches the original one, and how adequate the price is.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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