First Metaverse ACG Virtual Idol Murasaki is Available, Will Virtual Idol Become a New Trend?

With the passion for breaking away from the real world and full of fantasy, there have been multiple movies and TV series on virtual idols, introducing souls with nowhere to be and young people who express their desires in the real world. Inspired by this, Murasaki is entering the market, with the desire to release of the inner real interests and a response from “our kind” using ACG as our common language in the Metaverse.

Murasaki is the first metaverse ACG virtual idol and decentralized IP ecological community. It aims to create the most valuable virtual idol created and owned by the community in a metaverse world. Unlike traditional virtual idol IP, Murasaki was created and managed by the community by the time it was created.  Being an ACG Virtue Idol, Murasaki was created and owned by the community. Initialized by Professional AI and image processing team.  Born of Japanese ACG culture, Murasaki will soon become popular and lead the fashion.

There will be 1,000 Murasaki Pass NFT for the community in the beginning. With the highest level of rights, users can participate in the construction of Murasaki DAO and access any space in the Murasaki metaverse. Murasaki DAO will be in place to manage and run a virtual idol, build a completely different ecological relationship between fans and the idol, and eventually, ensure that fans can get the benefits according to their contributions for the first time. This vision undoubtfully catches users’ attention and is favored by the market.

As for the Community Creation, the creation of the Murasaki virtual idol brand is a grand vision that requires every participant in the community to “believe in the process”. There are also multiple club events, in which users can trade, exchange, or buy Murasaki virtual goods. According to the roadmap, in the coming months, the team will focus on Virtual idol IP incubation and ecology. By then, offline IP club ecology and social games will be available to the public.

Aiming to build a Web3-based, on-chain smart contract-based social relationship functional platform so that Murasaki and the community can form a social value that is entirely allocated and owned by the community, Murasaki is visionary and deemed to start a new trend in the market.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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