NFT Social Space is Available, SpaceN is Offering a New Way of NFT Management

With the rise of NFTs, users are encountering opportunities as well as various problems when investing in NFTs, such as the value estimation, calculating, and information collection. As there are many types and quantities of NFTs, users find it difficult to calculate the total income of purchasing NFTs, which can only be calculated through Excel. Track investments in NFTs, calculate payouts and gains. To obtain information about NFT projects of interest, users need to open multiple platforms at the same time to track the latest developments, which is causing great inconvenience, especially when most of the newly released NFT projects are scattered in the corners of Twitter, making them even harder to get information about high-quality projects, and might miss the best time to invest.

To solve all these problems, SpaceN is launching the market soon, wishing to solve the problems. The innovative SpaceN is serving as an all-in-one NFT management tool and NFT social space. To conduct NFT asset management, SpaceN has introduced NFT Dashboard to visualize the types and value of NFTs a user owns, total revenue, total spend, and ROI. Multi-chain and multi-wallet management are also in place for users to view NFT assets and/or aggregated NFT assets in a single wallet. In the platform, NFT details, such as picture, purchase price, floor price, estimated price, purchase date, NFT operation record, etc can all be viewed.

SpaceN will automatically analyze the user’s on-chain behavior, and count the investment income information of the user’s buying and selling of NFTs, so that users can timely understand the changes of their NFT assets. After collecting the basic information and project dynamics of NFT projects according to the market popularity, users can obtain valuable NFT project information in one stop. In addition, SpaceN will recommend corresponding social circles based on NFT holdings, so that users can find like-minded NFT holders or NFT traders.

SpaceN will bring together NFT projects on various platforms, display project dynamics, and users can find projects they are interested in through retrieval or collection. Also, by tracking Twitter, Discord, Medium, public media and other information, filter high-quality content, and track the latest developments of the project.

It is worth mentioning that SpaceN can also serve as a platform for users to build self-organized DAOs, making it easier for users to build their own DAOs and sell their own NFTs. Users can join or establish DAOs, and can set the conditions for joining DAOs, such as holding certain types of NFTs. The theme rules of DAO are completely autonomous by users, such as crowdfunding to invest in NFT, exchange NFT investment experience, and even sell their own NFT projects, conduct crowdfunding financing, and establish offline clubs.

Being an ambitious platform, SpaceN will keep innovating and provide more convenience for users.  With the popularity of NFT, an efficient management tool will be favored by market and users, and SpaceN is deemed to play a bigger role in the coming stage.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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