PayAABB: Asia Broadband’s Comprehensive Payments Gateway and Its New Website

Cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming a mainstream alternative to conventional, “fiat” currencies. This is primarily because crypto payments are easier, safer, and more transparent. Plus, they involve significantly lower fees while establishing new standards for financial security. Crypto also makes peer-to-peer,- faster and more widely available.

Against this backdrop, PayAABB is on a mission to enhance the user experience of crypto payments. Asia Broadband Inc. developed this crypto payment gateway service as part of its broader ecosystem, including a cryptocurrency exchange and a wallet. The app allows merchants to accept crypto in-store and online, helping them attract more customers. Plus, catering to rising user interest, the company has revamped its website to enhance the user experience and accessibility.

Individuals can now discover every facet of the upcoming platform, including the perks and benefits summarized in this article.

Combining Security and Seamlessness

PayAABB is a crypto payment gateway that provides businesses with a secure payment experience. As such, security is everything when it comes to crypto. All the more so considering the several hacks and breaches that have occurred in this industry over the years. It is thus crucial to implement strong security measures, which PayAABB prioritizes.

Besides enabling fast and borderless crypto payments, the gateway ensures high security with features like SSL and 2FA. Moreover, businesses don’t face any chargeback risks while using this platform since all transactions are practically irreversible. And there’s no need to worry about getting the consent of imposing third-party intermediaries.

Though security is one of PayAABB’s key features, it’s not everything. For one, the platform uniquely combines security and seamlessness. The setup process involves six simple steps, which the updated website demonstrates. Moreover, PayAABB works as a plugin that integrates with any existing online store—there’s no additional hardware requirement or merchant fees.

From the end-user’s point of view, PayAABB unlocks an easy-to-use and hassle-free way to make crypto payments at retail outlets. This is possible via multiple channels, including email, SMS, and QR Code. But most interestingly, PayAABB lets users pay retailers using any social messaging platform. Additionally, one can send and receive crypto from friends or family using PayAABB’s phone-to-phone payment feature.

Empowering Merchants and Businesses

PayAABB’s primary purpose is to simplify payments for merchants and businesses while offering unique features and benefits. By and large, merchants require efficient and cost-effective payment solutions. Fintech innovations have significantly enhanced conventional fiat payments to this end, but severe concerns and inefficiencies remain. And this prompts businesses, especially retailers, to seek alternative systems for handling payments and transactions.

Enter PayAABB, providing a crypto-based alternative that is viable and easy to set up and use. The gateway works in both B2B and B2C scenarios which could be highly empowering for retail merchants. Most importantly, PayAABB belongs to an integrated ecosystem and seamlessly connects with the AABB Exchange and AABB Wallet. Merchants can thus access smooth fiat-to-crypto conversions for over four hundred crypto-assets with robust KYC/AML procedures.

Onboarding new clients is also easier with PayAABB since the above integrations involve zero deposit fees. Plus, it is optimally secure, thanks to a multi-level infrastructure with passphrase and PIN protection. In all, the hassle-free and secure payments experience makes life easier for customers, ultimately boosting adoption for crypto-oriented businesses and the industry at large. And this is also where the website’s updated version contributes significantly.

PayAABB’s New Look: Prioritizing Accessibility and User Experience

PayAABB’s innovative features make it a very unique platform in the crypto payments sector. But the biggest factor distinguishing it from its peers is the level of accessibility, transparency, and user experience it offers. The website’s new look expresses this clearly.

Since the crypto industry is still in its infancy, businesses and individuals are largely unfamiliar with its ways and scope. Thus, even when there are groundbreaking solutions, most people don’t really know how to use them. PayAABB’s updated website addresses this issue, serving as a unified frontend for learning about the platform and using it adequately.

The website informs users about everything, from PayAABB’s key benefits to the available merchant tools and referral programs. That too, clearly and in much detail. One can also navigate to other parts of the PayAABB ecosystem from this site. So, the overall experience is pretty streamlined and convenient for end-users.

The PayAABB website is also one of the primary support channels for merchants and end-users. It has a dedicated ‘Help’ page with FAQs to address general queries about products, setup procedures, charges, and more. Moreover, it has a form for users to connect with the support team.

Overall, PayAABB introduces a robust crypto-based payments gateway with the potential to transform businesses. It draws on the parent company’s legacy to shape the future. One can contribute to this journey by joining the project’s VIP Early Adopters List via the website. By doing so, they could, indeed, take a step towards the new paradigm, where making and receiving payments will be like never before

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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