Vibing is Whitelisted on Diamond Launch, Participation Equity is Soon to Come  

According to the official news, Diamond Launch is whitelisting IDOs on its platform till 23rd. The first IDO on Diamond Launch is Vibing, a Web 3.0 personal homepage built entirely on blockchain technology. It is worth mentioning that three institutions involved in investments, Anglecapital (; Ultrafluid Venture (; and Yearn Consulting Group (

This marks a full-on start of Diamond’s community building and partnership. The first IDO, Vibing, is a complete platform for personal data generation and integration. Serving as the starting point for people looking to access the Web3 network, users are free to create their own cards with different roles and authorize access to cutting-edge decentralized applications with their different identities, accompanied by different information weights.

After the IDO, token holders are eligible for premium projects whitelisting, gaining full participation of the ecology construction. With upcoming IDOs, Diamond Launch is deemed to achieve its goal of promoting equity in cryptocurrency pre-sales participation.

About Diamond

Diamond Launch is an IDO protocol designed to provide cryptocurrency projects to user investors, offering token sales for early-stage high-quality projects,  aims to provide users and investors with information about cryptocurrency projects and an one-stop platform that offers multiple token sales for early stage, and premium projects, and most importantly. All these can allow investors to participate more equitably in cryptocurrency pre-sales.

Diamond Launch focuses on multi-chain and supports BSC, Polygon, and OKX with flexible sale types and whitelisting conditions. Also, the platform chooses the projects with the utmost care, reviewing and validating the origins and legitimacy of the project teams, the innovation of the ideas, and their ability to execute the vision. In addition, with excellent community resources, including Twitter, Telegram, Medium, etc., as well as over 30,000 active members, a given project owner can promote his Launchpad to thousands of users.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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