Going Beyond Crypto-Oriented Profit Sharing: Zignaly Review

With promises of unmatched profits and never-seen-before returns, digital assets established themselves as a go-to asset class for wealth generation.

But crypto-based investments often involve steep learning curves. So, for beginner investors, the digital asset realm seems promising yet daunting. Despite recognizing this market’s potential, they remain hesitant to take the plunge because of the associated risks.

In this situation, strategies like fund management and profit-sharing can minimize the risk associated with crypto investments significantly. By delegating their funds to professional traders and fund managers, amateur investors can stop worrying about the tedious learning process.

Zignaly is one such platform connecting crypto investors with highly experienced crypto traders to aid their investment process and wealth generation. Here’s a review of what it has in store for new and seasoned investors.

Seamless Profit Sharing

Thousands of crypto investors meet the world’s topmost crypto traders on Zignaly’s blockchain-powered platform and marketplace. Entrusting their assets with these pro traders, investors can leverage deep expertise and market experience to grow then funds and optimize their profits.

Traders receive a profit share for their services, making it a win-win situation. Every party benefits equally from this process. Beginners bypass the hassle of mastering trading strategies and market-related risks, while expert traders get a unique opportunity to monetize their knowledge.

Zignaly is primarily a platform for amateur investors. But its inclusive profit-sharing market serves seasoned investors as well. They can use the platform to automate their strategies, save time, and ultimately maximize profits.

The bottom line is that Zignaly is a platform by the community, for the community. It aims to empower new and amateur traders by connecting them with expert traders, who guide them on their wealth generation journey. Expert traders use their experience and expertise to grow their funds. On the other hand, new traders enjoy the convenience of passive wealth generation by sharing a portion of their profits with the experts.

High Security, Low Entry Barriers

Given its broad benefits, Zignaly has over 400,000 investors and 300 professional traders, with more than $125 million worth of crypto assets under management.

For optimal security, the platform manually vets each professional trader, selecting only those with a proven success record in fund management. It also enables users to diversify risk by simultaneously allocating their funds to multiple traders.

Moreover, Zignaly doesn’t have any minimum investment requirements. And the platform puts users in complete control of asset allocation, reallocation, and withdrawal – that too, at any time.  The best part, though, is that users aren’t required to pay any fees upfront. They only pay when they make a profit with their allocated funds. When compared to asset management in traditional finance, where users are required to pay fees monthly or per trade, the Zignaly model is more affordable and accessible to investors.

So, Zignaly on the whole,  lowers the entry barriers for new investors, making it easier for them to invest in crypto. It also offers a wide scope for investors as one of the top brokers in the Binance Broker Program.

Launchpad & Vaults – Fostering Innovations

Besides profit-sharing, Zignaly introduces its users to other promising investment opportunities.

The Zignaly Vault is one of them. It allows users to stake on the platform to earn staking and partner rewards. The staking rewards go to users who maintain a thirty-day average balance of at least 10 ZIG in their wallets. The multi-chain nature of Zignaly wallets allows users to earn rewards across participating chains while these collaborating projects get partner rewards.

Then, there’s the Zignaly launchpad called ZIGPad. It empowers and builds potential blockchain projects across multiple domains. The launchpad also allows users to invest in the early-stage development of these projects and capitalize on their growth.

Both of these investment options, along with the profit-sharing model, make up a holistic investment solution for wealth growth.

User-Friendly Interface & Customer Support

The Zignaly platform features a highly functional yet easy-to-use interface. Everyone from seasoned crypto investors to beginners can access all of the platform’s features with ease.

Zignaly further promotes a data-driven approach to crypto investments and trading. It thus provides users with graphs and other visual data about their assets’ past and present market performance, helping them make well-informed decisions.

Moreover, Zignaly features a vast knowledge base, where all platform-related info is available in a searchable format. It also has an active Discord server where users can get answers to additional queries or concerns. They can even opt for priority support and assistance from the founders and other team members.

Drawbacks & Future Potential

Zignaly provides a holistic investment solution for new and veteran investors, as well as for professional traders. But presently, it only supports a limited number of crypto exchanges: Binance and KuCoin.

This is a significant drawback, given that most other trading platforms support at least ten different exchanges. But the team at Zignaly is striving to increase the number of exchanges it supports and there could be a potential Polygon partnership in the cards.

Overall, though, the platform’s benefits outweigh this limitation by far. If it can minimize risks for diverse investor types with two exchanges alone, it’ll provide even greater value when more partners join the platform.

Zignaly’s potential will grow in the coming days – it’s not a question of if but when. It already provides high returns to its stakeholders, that too with a community-oriented free-to-use model.

Combining high security with low entry barriers, Zignaly provides the recipe for mass adoption. Its scope thus extends way beyond itself, shaping a bright future for the crypto asset industry at large.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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