How fair are Provably Fair Games?

We all want to play at online casinos that are trustworthy, honest, and provide fair games when it comes to gambling, isn’t it right?

In fact, it is one of the most important factors to consider when assessing an online casino’s overall reputation.

The Bitcoin gambling community has developed a unique strategy for ensuring the fairness of games.

Since this is unique to Bitcoin, as you would guess, it eliminates the need for third parties to be trusted, makes games completely transparent, and employs cutting-edge encryption to verify game results haven’t been tampered with. Furthermore, you can instantly check the outcomes using the Provably Fair technique.

But how fair are Provably Fair games really? Let’s talk about Provably Fair technology in more detail below.

What is Provably Fair technology, and how does it work?

Games that can be shown to be fair are known as “Provably Fair” games because they allow players to check the accuracy of their wagers. So, an online casino can’t trick a player because the game’s outcome can be proven, made clear, and checked.

Because they are developed using open-source algorithms and operated via smart contract platforms, no online gambling site can change the results of the games. The games on these smart contracts are controlled by programming code. This makes it impossible for a casino to change the outcome of a bet.

The next generation of gaming using blockchain technology is the next stage in safeguarding online games for decades to come.

What Are Provably Fair games’ main advantages?

Games that can be shown to be fair are becoming increasingly popular since they have many benefits over conventional online casinos. Here, we list the key advantages of playing this kind of game:

  • Total transparency: you can check bet results at anytime

Before the development of Provably Fair games, there were very few ways to determine whether you were playing in a fair casino. Thanks to blockchain technology, people can now check and confirm the results of their bets. 

  • Privacy

You can play any of these games by simply depositing your crypto of choice (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.). You are not required to provide any personal or payment card information.

  • No third-party audit

Another important issue is that Provably Fair gaming removes the need for third-party audits and testing laboratories. Blockchain technology certifies each game.

  • Reduced Fees

Games that are Provably Fair are not only fair, but also exceedingly efficient.

  • Game Features and Quality

With Provably Fair technology, you can enjoy many features at crypto casinos, such as welcome bonuses, promotions, free spins, VIP programs, loyalty systems, cashback, etc.


As you can see, these kinds of games are fair enough and will undoubtedly be crucial in boosting confidence and openness in the casino sector.

Players are gradually getting more knowledgeable about advancements in blockchain technology and the value of engaging in Provably Fair games.

There are many good PF sites, like FortuneJack, where games have the lowest bet amounts and the minimal house edge. On such sites, you’re guaranteed to have fun and enhance your overall BTC gambling experience.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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