Growing Use of Cryptocurrency in Casinos

Cryptocurrency has grown in popularity in casinos across the world. Online crypto casinos have thrived, offering hundreds of games and instant access to live table games, slots, video poker and much more.

Traditional casinos have also started embracing cryptocurrency alongside fiat payment methods. However, a dedicated crypto casino is usually the better option, offering lower fees and a wider range of accepted currencies.

Crypto has a very bright future in the casino industry and will continue to establish itself as a currency mainstay. With all the advantages of blockchain technology, gambling with crypto offers a faster, more private and more secure experience.

The rise of crypto casinos

As cryptocurrency shot from $0.1 billion in market value in 2012 to over $2 trillion a decade later, it became an increasingly attractive option for gamblers and casinos.

Online crypto casinos slowly began gaining prominence, offering platforms for users to gamble with cryptocurrency in a stable, secure and cost-efficient manner.

Eventually, traditional casinos became more open to the idea of welcoming cryptocurrency as a form of payment. However, these casinos tend to treat crypto as an alternative payment method rather than a philosophy to build a casino around.

A dedicated crypto casino values anonymity, privacy and fast transactions. You can often gain access to your winnings in just minutes thanks to rapid blockchain technology far outpacing the slow crawl of SWIFT bank transfers.

Why are crypto casinos popular?

There are many good reasons why crypto casinos have become so popular in recent years. A lot of it is down to the inherent advantages of cryptocurrency which you simply cannot get with fiat.

Anonymity: Signing up at a traditional online casino will require all kinds of personal information for verification. With a crypto casino you can bypass all of this and get playing instantly.

Instant winnings: At a crypto casino, your winnings will usually be processed in just a matter of minutes. This is unlike regular casinos where you can end up waiting days to access your funds.

Variety: Some of the best crypto casinos out there, such as Cloudbet, offer a far more diverse array of gaming and betting options. Play through hundreds of games and slots or even try your hand at sports and eSports betting.

Secure: Your funds are far better protected from hacking and scamming compared to traditional casinos. Benefit from enhanced privacy and security with a crypto casino.

Lower fees: You can avoid some of the costly transaction fees that are part of the fiat currency ecosystem. These small percentages eventually add up, especially if you are a high roller.

Bonuses: Leading crypto casinos tend to offer rewarding bonuses and promotions for customers. Cloudbet offers a huge 5 BTC sign-up bonus for new customers with no strings attached.

Is gambling with crypto worth it?

Absolutely. Comparing it to the conventional casino experience, we found that crypto casinos offer a slick, streamlined and diverse gambling experience where you can do it all. You are not just restricted to slots and table games – bet on the latest sports or dive into the world of eSports.

Financially speaking, playing at a crypto casino will help you to avoid pesky transaction fees that can eat away at your margins. You can also access your winnings immediately and continue playing, rather than waiting 1-5 working days for a bank transfer.

How to choose a crypto casino

If you’re going to be playing at an online crypto casino, you want to find the best casino around. We tested for a number of factors, such as transaction speed, fees, wallet limits, gaming choice and overall user experience.

Long-established crypto casino and sportsbook Cloudbet is our choice for online bitcoin gambling. The intuitive and seamless interface is the perfect backdrop for 100s of exciting games, including live table games, slots and much more.

The juicy 5 BTC sign-up bonus is the highest we’ve seen and is available to all new customers. It’s extremely easy to fund your account and the platform was designed with usability for the everyday player.

Cloudbet also has perhaps the best VIP program anywhere in the world. It is the choice for high rollers and those looking to bet without being constrained by limits.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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