Aiming to Empower the Public to Enter the Web 3 Era, Web3shot Quiz Has Welcomed Over 500,000 Users

After launching the market and the coming community events and partnerships, Web3Shot Quiz has welcomed over 500, 000 users. This marks the great success of Web3Shot’s vision and community building.

The visionary Web3Shot has a grand mission, to empower everyone with no cryptocurrency experience to understand the technology, earn cryptocurrency, and have the professional skills to get into the web3 world. Experts or any organization can build web3 knowledge bases together on the Web3Shot platform. With the current 500, 000 users and numerous experts, a vibrant community has already been formed, paving way for its future global market expansion.

Web3Shot provide a permissionless platform that brings web3 experts, web3 startup, and web3 newbie for collective learning. The learning process is interested, easy-to-understand, and cohesive. As a co-builder, users can contribute expertise in the specified web3 field. By adopting types of topics, Web3Shot classifies knowledge into different quizzes which creates a skill tree. And the featured quizzes include: introduction to blockchain, layer2, cross-chain, #DeFi, #NFT, bridges, #DAO, etc.

It is worth mentioning that a streamlined educational system is adopted in Web3Shot Quiz, which combines immersive learning and inquiry-based learning, including gamified learning experiences that impart Web3 concepts in the Learn-to-Earn platform, Web3 emulation experiences that engage users in popular crypto sectors and hot crypto projects. There is also innovative content, including UGC videos, and community-formed DAOs. These can enrich users’ learning experience and reduce the learning curve for users in a fun and engaging way.

Having achieved a great result in community building and user management, Web3Shot is becoming a shining star in the field. In the coming months, Web3Shot will keep facilitating strong user growth, expand to the global market, and achieve better personal learning experiences enhanced by AI algorithms. With the current 500, 000 user base, we are certain that Web3Shot will be increasingly successful.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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