Web3Shot and Connex Established Strategic Partnership to Promote Web3 Talents

Recently, Web3Shot partnered with Connex to provide a comprehensive Web3 professional community for its users. The partnership will allow both Web3Shot and Connex to leverage each other’s expertise and offers great potential to drive growth within the expanding Web3 market.

Connex launched the market last year to offer a platform to better recruit the most capable people in the world and attract more professionals to join crypto companies or DAOs. Connex wishes to build a permissionless, open, and collaborative professional network for Web3 talents.

Web3Shot aims to build a learning platform for massive web3 adoption, providing interesting Learn-to-Earn products and onboarding infrastructures for users and businesses to enter the new world of web3. With the easy-to-use Learn-to-Earn product and other gamified learning experiences, Web3Shot is open to all, because in building a new iteration of the Web, we bring together the best projects in the space to create quizzes.

This partnership enables Connex to attract more Web3 talents and at the same time enhance users’ credentials. Moreover, by integrating on-chain credentials, such as social ranking, proof of achievement points (POAPs) earned, interactions with decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, and governance votes in various crypto projects with users’ uploaded resumes, Connex can provide a comprehensive Web3 professional community for its users.

In return, Web3Shot offers on-chain learning experiences that greatly enhance the value of users’ credentials. By granting Connex access to the Web3Shot Passport APIs, the platform enables Connex to view users’ learning experiences, such as learning frequency, topics studied, and time spent. The on-chain credentials, which cannot be faked, provide a reliable indication of a user’s knowledge base. With the Web3 market on the rise, this partnership is expected to drive user engagement and adoption for both.

This partnership means a lot to the Web3 ecosystem, as Web3Shot could offer its learning programs to job seekers in Connex, helping to upskill and retrain workers whose jobs have been impacted by the Web3 ecosystem; while Connex could provide Web3Shot with data on the skills and qualifications that are in high demand among employers, allowing Web3Shot to tailor the learning programs to meet these needs. In addition, Web3Shot could leverage Connex to incentivize users to complete quizzes by offering bonuses for securing employment through the platform, and Connex could benefit from Web3Shot’s expertise to create targeted learning programs that align with the skills and qualifications that employers are seeking.

With Web3 becoming increasingly popular, upskilling Web3 talent and Web3 talent acquisition are becoming essential in the coming years. Therefore, the strategic partnership between Web3Shot and Connex is a significant step forward in the journey towards mass adoption of Web3 technology.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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