With Decentralizing Governance, Web3Shot is Working Towards the Largest Web3 Community

With Web3 becoming an increasingly popular concept, the public started to pay attention to the idea, wishing to get a grasp of the terminologies and adopt the new technology. Several platforms have launched the market, aiming to offer users a platform to learn about Web3. Among all the platforms, Web3Shot stands out, thanks to its user-oriented approach and decentralizing governance.

Launched in the market in December 2022, the visionary Web3Shot has a grand mission, that is to empower everyone with no cryptocurrency experience to understand the technology, earn cryptocurrency, and have the professional skills to get into web3 world. In addition, experts or any organization can build web3 knowledge bases together on the Web3Shot platform. With the users and experts, Web3Shot is envisaging a vibrant community with permission-less and reciprocity and an ecosystem of community-owned economies.

In the recent months, Web3Shot has scaled solutions to facilitate strong user growth. For example, in the past week, Web3Shot arranged daily quizzes for two rounds on Twitter for 14 days and 20 days respectively. During the 6 weeks, users can participate in the dedicated quizzes at https://web3shot.io/quiz and win tokens. Web3Shot is also partnering with ONTO also improved Web3Shot’s publicity and popularity, marking a key step in user development.

Believing that the long-term value of Web3Shot is tied to the confidence people hold in the project, and after witnessing the booming of community and users, Web3Shot is now focusing on a transparent and fair governance that can represent the broader community’s interests, to be more specific, decentralizing governance. In the Web3 era, it is critical for any successful decentralized platform to adapt decentralizing governance. Therefore, the Web3Shot team is making sure that the W3S token represents voting power, so holders can participate in important decisions that affect the future of the platform with the W3S token.

In the Web3Shot platform, Web3Shot tokenomics uses a segregation strategy, applying the Web3Shot governance token ($W3S), supplemented by the only utility token in the ecosystem ($UW3S). This emphasizes the rich utility and that it is owned by the community, while remaining stable and ensuring long-term prosperity.

In the Web3Shot ecosystem, tokens are distributed wisely, with a strong focus on users and community. Advisor & Partners, the Investor, Web3Shot team holding 4%, 10% and 15% of the total token supply respectively. Also, 35% of the token are for the construction of the Ecosystem, while the community will obtain 30%. IDO and Marketing will take up 5%, and the remaining 1% will be airdropped.

To achieve decentralizing governance, Web3Shot has arranged airdrop activity on April 4, and later from April 6 to 8, Web3Shot also gave away 500 $W3S to 50 lucky winners to celebrate surpassing 50,000 followers. In addition, on April 12, Web3Shot will carry out a public token launch of $W3S via DiamondLaunch on BNB Chain. During this luanch, Web3Shot adapted the launch model of fair launch price discovery model, with 300K $USDT softcap and 450K $USDT hardcap. The minimum amount per address will be 100 $USDT, while the maximum amount per address is 300 $USDT.

With this community-owned DAO governance, Web3Shot community members can continuously learn and participate in Web3Shot, build partnerships, and create a bigger Web3Shot ecosystem together. In the coming stage, Web3Shot will expand to global market and achieve better personal learning experience enhanced by AI algorithm. Thanks to the user-oriented theory and the DAO-style governance structure, Web3Shot is deemed to become one of the largest Web3 communities.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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