Tron (TRX) Update: Don’t Miss Your Chance to Move Your Coins as the Token Migration of Tron (TRX) Is Underway -Tron News

After months of waiting, suspense, and anticipation, the Mainnet of Tron has finally been launched – Odyssey 2.0. It’s been more than two weeks since it was launched, and the migration of the token is presently ongoing – this is the best time for you to move your coins.

The Arrival of Odyssey 2.0

The Tron Mainnet (Odyssey 2.0) was launched on the 31st of May, and it can now be downloaded on the Github page of Tron. This was a great achievement for the Tron team since it marks the journey of the digital currency going to its home (its blockchain) while leaving the blockchain of Ethereum – its birthplace.

The Mainnet has done quite a lot, including accumulating more than 2,150 revisions, merging 547 forks, releasing about 15 software iterations, and adding 102 new features. Nevertheless, the most crucial achievement of Tron is its migration.

Move Your Tron Tokens Now While You Can

The token migration is already underway, and the migration will come to an end on the 25th of June. The Tron community is already referring to this day as the “Independence Day.” When it comes to the migration, it will be carried out automatically only if the tokens are in wallets and exchanges that are supported.

The transactions will be carried out by a third-party, and the holders of coins will have their digital currency converted into their new form. For those that miss the token migration, a manual switch to the new Tron blockchain won’t be possible. Rather, those that miss the migration and fail to transfer their coins will have to wait for the next migration date.

No one knows when the next switch will be scheduled, nor the exchanges that will have the ability to do it. This is why it is recommended that you move your coins now, as there is no better time than now.

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