Redefining the Future of Digital Art, Metars is Launching Cutting-Edge Features

Metars, the pioneering force at the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), is proud to announce significant advancements in its cutting-edge platform. With a mission to redefine the landscape of digital art creation and ownership, Metars continues to push the boundaries of innovation.

With the world rapidly embracing the digital landscape, Metars is offering a platform where imagination knows no bounds. The platform provides users with tailor-made templates for crafting their NFTs, enabling them to produce one-of-a-kind and personalized digital artworks effortlessly. Utilizing the collective creation functionality, individuals can team up with others to actualize their distinctive concepts, nurturing development while cultivating a feeling of togetherness within the community.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI algorithms, Metars empowers artists to explore new realms of creativity, ushering in a revolution in the art world. Metars delves into the transformative potential of AI and NFTs in the realm of art and beyond. It provides a platform for creators to unleash their artistic visions and ensure that their work is authenticated and immortalized on the blockchain.

A key feature of Metars is collective creation. To be more specific, users can collaborate with other users to bring their unique ideas to life. Customizable templates will also be available. In addition, the platform is a community-driven and token-based ecosystem. This means Metars offers opportunities for creative expression, collaboration, skill development, and fun. In the token-based ecosystem, users are rewarded with tokens for their contributions to the virtual art community.

Metars is currently running the Metars Creation Campaign from March 4th to 10th. Creatives from across the globe can participate in the competition and shape the future of digital art through AI and NFT technology. Art has always reflected society’s collective imagination, and with the advent of technology, it would be amazing to witness the shift in how art is created, shared, and valued.

In the future, Metars aims to merge with well-known social media platforms, incorporate gamification components, broaden its reach to additional blockchains, such as such as BNB or Ethereum, and merge with a marketplace where users can exhibit and trade their NFTs to a broader audience.

Being the leading platform at the forefront of AI and NFT technology, Metars Genesis empowers creators to explore new realms of creativity and innovation in the digital art space. Through its intuitive platform and collaborative features, Metars Genesis aims to redefine art creation and ownership.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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